Monday, May 21, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats Finale'

So this Month's Event is a wrap, I managed to go back one more time on Saturday and picked up a few more Treasures, which will be Shared in this Post.  It was busy but calmer on Saturday so I could browse and take my time looking for items and photographing the vignettes, which are constantly evolving thruout the four days.

This is why I encourage you to visit more than one of the days if you can, since it will have changed a lot, with new vignettes and fresh inventory coming in as things are sold off.  Layers will also have been peeled away exposing things you might have missed before, so you'll find new discoveries that have been unveiled as what was around them goes out the doors to their new homes.

This Month's Theme was 'Sweet Retreats' but I must say that lately our own Home is less like a place to Retreat to, as we're thick in the throes of culling and purging, editing and curating our possessions.  So right now everything seems to be in a state of upheaval in almost every space in the house!  With piles awaiting either disposal to sell off or donate, or to end up as part of the permanent decor and styling of each space.

I was going to say, or to be put away, but I'm trying valiantly to do less of that, having less stored away.  Though I do have Locker Baskets like these pictured, to hold and organize items that will be kept and clearly not everything is meant to be in a display or vignette.  I Love these style Locker Baskets and will probably obtain more in due time, this was an amazing Cabinet that lent itself well to holding the Baskets in a very organized way.

Right now our Home is organized chaos with not a whole lot of it appearing organized and that's more than a little stressful to me since I prefer Order to Chaotic environments.   The Goal of coarse is to become more organized and less chaotic in the way we live.  I find that is a delicate balance when you have several people occupying the Home.   Though my confession is that right now most of the chaos is self imposed as I plow thru possessions in a haphazard way.

I think I did start out with one staging area and a more orderly approach, but that quickly fell by the wayside and now everything and nothing seems to be happening all at once!   In that everything is everywhere and sometimes nothing is being dealt with at all!   I had to pick up Princess T's Teacher's Evaluation this Morning and all of her Teachers decided to get together to do it rather than having just one of them fill out the Questionnaire.  I think that was a better idea actually, to get a broader perspective.


Since there will only be three and a half days of School left before Summer Break it is very unlikely her whole Evaluation by her Pediatrician will be completed for this School Year.   But at least we're getting that out of the way to better help her succeed academically and have everything addressed in her IEP accommodations that will be necessary to achieve that Goal.  I'm rather glad School is over for the year, it's been a tough year academically for both Grandchildren, especially since he didn't get to Graduate or finish School after all.

The pathway to Academic Success for the Special Needs Child doesn't always look like the Traditional Path taken nor have the same schedule.  The Young Prince is just glad he didn't have to be Aged Out of The System, which ultimately would have happened and so we're being realistic about that.  He studies everything under the Sun up in his room every day and he's the type to continue a Lifetime of Learning and absorbing knowledge like a sponge.

I also had a Dental Appointment this Morning to replace my temporary Crown with the permanent one.   So I cannot eat or drink for an hour afterwards and thus I'm Blogging so I don't have to think about how thirsty and hungry I suddenly am!  *LOL*   Isn't that the way it always goes, when denied something it becomes a sudden fixation and your Mind and Body react in a sort of quiet rebellion!?!  *Smiles*  I also got the first bill... since paying off the $3600 was gonna take more than a Minute... stretched out over 18 Months actually.  *Le Sigh*

Just as you seem to get one debt paid off another seems to crop up, that's how Life just unfurls, Life is expensive and especially as you begin to Age.  With the Aging process you discover that most of what you're spending small fortunes upon now is intangible and gives you absolutely no pleasure or tangible evidence of having spent that much money!   So I didn't feel all that badly about splurging a bit on the tangible while at the Event, having something to actually show for it and deriving pleasure from my Retail Therapy!  *LOL*

I shouldn't make comparisons, but I almost couldn't help myself as I compared what I could have brought Home as killer Statement Pieces, if I'd spent as much on Retail Therapy as I'd had to spend on Dental, Medical and Home Repairs this Month instead!   I could have probably Styled an entire Room with the most Fabulous Treasures at Villa Boheme' for what the intangible had cost us instead!  But okay, my Teeth are all still in my head, everyone has their Medicines, the Air Conditioner is fixed and the Fridge part is on back order... so, tho' not pleasurable, it was all indeed necessary outlay!

Necessary expensive outlays on the things you mostly don't see or don't notice but you certainly have Need of.   I don't know about you, but I just don't enjoy shelling out the bucks and having financial strain on things that I derive absolutely no enjoyment from tho', no matter how Necessary!   Spending thousands of dollars is always tough on a fixed income... so you just kinda wanna at least Enjoy whatever that cost ya, right?!  *Winks*  I mean even a Trip or a Vacation would have been Pleasurable to spend it on instead!

The Young Prince deadpanned that he is rather Enjoying that it's no longer over eighty degrees Upstairs, now that the air conditioner that services that part of the Home is fixed tho'.  *LOL*   Okay, so perhaps we have derived some Enjoyment out of having all air conditioning now working as they should, as Spring heats up to triple digits and Summer is on the horizon.   And whenever the part comes in for the Fridge, the Ice Maker will also be fixed and that will bring Pleasure to having refreshments with ice again... also a Summer staple for drinks to be very Cold!  *Smiles*

I am not however, looking forward to the three days before the Fridge part is installed, that we have to unplug and empty all contents of Fridge and Freezer so it can thaw!   I have Ice Chests galore at the ready, sitting in the middle of my Living Room, now that's a nice Look... NOT!  But after I dug them out of the Hoarded Garages and cleaned them all out, there seemed to be no point really in storing them until the day we get the call to Schedule the installation.  Better to just have them where they will be convenient and accessible once we put everything in the Fridge and Freezer into them for those three long days!

Three days of Modern Life without a Fridge or Freezer seems like a very long time... even tho' The Young Prince has one of those mini Fridges in his Kitchenette that can store the Milk, Eggs, Butter temporarily.  Everything else will be on Dry Ice in Coolers and Hope that none spoils.  We're trying to use up and pare down all contents of said Fridge so we have few perishables to have to put into Coolers when the Call comes and the three days begin.   That gave me another Purge to Cull contents of the Freezer and we just threw out a lot!

I don't know about the rest of you, but we often get forgotten items frozen for crazy ridiculous amounts of time in our Freezer!   There were some Meats and Fish that The Man had Hunted and we hadn't used, that were in freezer wrap with dates, and some of those dates were hysterically Old!   I think one Salmon he caught in Alaska was older than Princess T!  He's the only one that even eats Salmon and after his catastrophic accident it was Years before he could eat Solid Foods without choking, so it had languished in there and been forgotten!

We probably should have given the Old Fish a proper burial after being part of the Family that many years!  *LMAO*  I'm sure it's good fertilizer, but I didn't wanna risk luring Predators into our Garden digging up whatever aroma that might give off that they can still smell.   I felt so badly wasting frozen foods that were just past their reasonable dates for consumption.  I come from that waste not want not Generation which abhors throwing any foods away when there are still hungry or starving people in the World.

Of coarse I am a person of considerable contradictions too, since I am not a Food Pusher by any means either, so if you say you're full my response will always be, "Eat til' full, then stop...".   We don't do a lot of leftovers here either since those tend to languish in the Fridge until you eventually just throw them out when nobody has eaten them... or you forgot how long they might have been in there and don't wanna risk it?!?  *Smiles*

Just Purging contents of anything makes me feel really good and quite liberated tho'.   I'm enjoying having only what we need and will use in the Freezer now and basics in the Fridge portion so we won't have a lot to put into Coolers.  I had found out that the Fridge people had tried to call the house on two separate occasions to schedule the appointment and our answering machine wasn't working... splendid, now will we need that fixed?  *Bwahahahahaha!*  So... Fridge should be fixed by Friday and the Ice will be flowing again!

I'm just stalling out a lot on getting the piles out of the way since most of it is being Sold Off in my spaces at the Antique Mall and I don't have the room for any of it yet!   So with not having sufficient place for it to just be until it's priced and hauled off to the Showroom and Booth, it's languishing seemingly everywhere unceremoniously piled up and a Hot Mess!   I'm glad other than Fridge Guy we're not expecting any Guests for a while, since it's embarrassing to have so many rooms of the house so cluttered with miscellany!

I know most people Spring Clean but I always assume that other people are a whole lot more efficient and organized about it so their Homes probably don't look like a total disaster during The Process?  I could be wrong, and if yours is too and you don't mind coming clean about it, I won't feel quite like the Lone Ranger and a total slob about my Process being so haphazard!   The stalling out bothers me too because I feel rather in Limbo about having too many things going on and now half-finished.

It's not only the constant distractions, it's often the lack of Ambition on many of the days I could be doing something about some of it and I just don't!  It's True, lately my Ambition reserve is seriously depleted and I don't feel at all Ambitious most days.   Or if I start I often fade at the gate... after about an hour in I'm usually ready to call it a day because it's physically tapped me out already!  Mental exhaustion soon follows the physical, because when I can't or don't finish something, then that mentally drains and rather overwhelms me too.  Then I default to Avoidance Mode to save face and pretend it doesn't bother me.

So it was with Pleasure and gusto that I defaulted both Thursday and Saturday to Retail Therapy at The Sweet.  I didn't even wanna think about what I had all over the house scattered, piled and generally a Hot Mess and not being dealt with either day!   Or even right now while I Blog!  *Winks*  It's Avoidance at it's finest and I've apparently become expert at it, which is weird to me since I never was a procrastinator before I got into my Senior years. 

 So does this mean I'm officially entering my Second Childhood and becoming totally irresponsible I Wonder, like Children do?!  Bwahahahaha!!!  Anyway, I bought this awesome articulated Test Tube Vase Holder thingie.   The five cages articulate like a Snake and  can be altered to any shape you want... it's very Laboratorie Like so I Love it.

On my Saturday visit I was dropping The Young Prince off at his Dad's to meet his new little Sister who is a Month old now.  So I got to cuddle her and smell of Babies and it's delightful when you can spoil like a Gramma should and then just hand 'em back!   *Smiles*   She's Beautiful and chubby, now over ten pounds, she was over nine pounds at birth, with tons of Blonde hair and big Blue Eyes!  She's very alert and already has a lot of facial expression, so we think she's very advanced of coarse... but then, don't you always?!?  *Winks* 

The Young Prince is 17 but he's terrified of Babies and didn't want to risk holding her lest he drop her.  He recounted how he once dropped Princess T when she was a Baby... which was a bit of an exaggeration, but clearly traumatized him!   To which his 5 year old little Brother told him, "It's Okay, I haven't dropped her yet..."   OMG that was too funny and I asked him if he likes being a Big Brother now too and he said NO quite defiantly and with a scowl!   Uh oh, I sensed Green Eyed Monster rearing up since he doesn't Like her very much yet, after all, it's been all about him for 5 years and now this pesky Baby is vying for all the Attention and Love!  *Smiles*

I'd intentionally made a big fuss over him when we got there and less fuss about the New Baby, suspecting that might be the case since she's still so New.  But now I was holding her and he was hovering for Center Stage again... awwww... it's so hard when New Babies come into the Home and you WERE the Baby for a time!   Well, she's pretty Cute I says, so do you think you'll wanna Keep her?   He sighed, relented and said Yeah, but not very enthusiastically, I suspect he will warm up to her in due time.  *LOL*

He was greatly relieved that his Big Brother is not that Into Babies either, so The Young Prince's interaction with his New Little Sister was about a nanosecond before he and his Little Brother went off to play video games together.  *Smiles*   The Young Prince has informed me on more than one occasion that he wants no Children so don't expect any Great-Grands from him!   He's had enough Siblings to satiate any contact with younger ones and was just rather glad they're not all under one roof or he said he'd of gone Mad!  *Winks*

Princess T must feel quite the same way since she had zero desire to see any New Babies in the Family and simply said this Family is always having Babies.  *LMAO*  She's not even trying to keep track of all the Siblings she and The Young Prince have and just tells people who ask how many Siblings they have who don't live with us,  a LOT!  *Bwahahahaha!*   It is a lot of Grands and I can't even keep track... so she opted to go to a Sleepover and Swimming at a Friend's house rather than going to see The Baby.

Hopefully this will mean she'll have no desire to start a Family either until she's quite old and I'm quite dead... since I don't wanna risk raising any more Generations?!?  *LOL*   She did say something Curious the other day and deadpanned a comical answer when I questioned her to explain Why?   She had said her and the BFF's were playing this Online pretend Family Game in which she and one of the other Girls were Married, which made so-and-so her Wife.  I asked her why she had a Wife rather than a Husband in this Game and she deadpanned quite pretentiously, "Because no Man deserves me..."  *LMAO*

Now when I Shared that with her Big Brother and Grandpa they said that is True from an entirely different perspective... since they Pity The Poor Fool!  *LMAO*  She is gonna be a High Maintenance Woman, and a Beast Diva Princess, of this they are certain.  Right now she does not like Boys very much at all and finds them to be totally annoying, because they're always trying to get her attention and show off for her.   Though there is a certain one she likes to go to the Park and watch play Basketball, so that could turn on a dime I'm sure!  *Winks* 

And they all tend to grow up and become the Young Adults they were meant to be and watching that Transformation always leave me in total Awe since it seems to happen so suddenly from Childhood to Young Adulthood!   She's still purging her Room of all Toys and Childish things and they're Selling well at the Antique Mall.  Her Collectible Toys are apparently still Trendy with the Younger Girls.   And sales of Collectible Toys boosted my bottom line for the end of this pay period considerably so I finished Strong, which was a relief since the pay period started out so Soft!  *Whew!!!*

The Soft Sales of Summer being almost upon us already always makes the downsizing of rented Space necessary, so Booth 502 is now Closed down and a new Vendor occupies it.   So I'm currently only in Booth 317 and Showroom 114 at THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST in Goodyear.   I Wish I could showcase my spaces as Beautifully as they do at these Events, it definitely is an Art Form to Merchandise so expertly!

I would prefer to go with Seasonal Themes since I like Decorating and Styling for Seasons and Holidays at Home.  But in my retail spaces I've found that my typical Customer prefers more of an eclectic mix for sales to stay strongest so I don't wanna upset the balance of the force.  *Ha ha ha*   You have to know your demographic and what they just Like and what they're more apt to buy, which can vary wildly from place to place, even just miles down the road!

So I've had to accept sticking with what I know is working rather than always doing what I wanna do there at the Antique Mall.  I can do what I wanna do at Home since that IS all about me and how I want our Home to look.  Since The Man could care less and the Kiddos barely seem to notice what I do around the Home!  *LOL*   I can only infuse so much of my Essence in the retail spaces before it might just be Too Much for the average customer to embrace and more importantly BUY?  *Winks*  Tho' I was quite Jazzed last Night during my Shift when a Young Hip heavily Tattooed and Pierced Guy bought one of my Creepy Doll Heads and LOVED it, saying it was the Creepiest Doll he'd ever seen and he was totally diggin' that!   My Cashier Friend didn't even have to Wonder whose item it was, she said she could tell before she even looked at the tag!  *LOL*

And now for a little more of what I Scored on Saturday... this 'Salvage Style' Book which has a vast array of Divine Images on every page... another Black Metal Planter File Box with faux Sage plant... my Test Tube Planter Thingie...

Close-Up of my Articulated Test Tube Planter Thingie... Loving Laboratorie Style so it's Perfect!!!

And see the second Victorian Ceiling Tin Planter from the Left, the only Tall one in fact, well, that's now mine.

And so yeah, I stretched the boundaries of restraint this Month but I didn't Care.  After outlaying a virtual fortune in Home repairs and Medical I needed to indulge in some Retail Therapy so that I could have something to show for being particular broke now this Month!  *Winks*   And my five-to-one Rule has been exceeded this Month anyway since I'm getting rid of so much it's probably more like ten-to-one or more actually... a LOT is going OUT!  *Happy Dance!*

And so now the only challenge is to get it out the actual door instead of piles on the floor, on tables and boxes of it piled high all around the freakin' house in every room!  *Le Sigh*   But it will take as long as it needs to take I suppose and I'm trying to just Chill and let it happen at the pace I'm most comfortable with physically, if not mentally.

And once it's all Sold or Donated I know I'll feel ever so much better about having tackled the Process and stuck with it to the end.  I just Wish the end were closer in sight so that the light at the end of the tunnel were clearer and The Promised Land were in sight!  *Ha ha ha*

And so I'll end this Post at least with a Vision of a Mantle I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have bought instead of spending it on a Crown... and not the kind I wear either... Winks... because if you Need a New Crown... better it be the Royal Type and not the one in your mouth, right?!?  *Smiles*   And BTW: I did stay up til' 5 am to watch that magnificent Royal Wedding, she was absolutely Stunning and they make such a Lovely Couple, I Wish them all the Happiness and Joy in the Future!   But what was with Victoria Beckham's miserable countenance, good Lord, give that Woman a Happy Pill!!!  *LMAO*


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, May 18, 2018

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats

So here we are once again my Friends, the pilgrimage to the Monthly Themed Event at SWEET SALVAGE.   This Month's Theme is 'Sweet Retreats' and the Vibe and Styling are some that I particularly was drawn to and mirrored many of my own personal preferences and Eclectic Tastes.

So of coarse that meant there were numerous Treasures I would have liked to have brought Home with me and even with restraint I tapped the budget more than I anticipated doing.  But it happens... and the few Treasures I couldn't resist were well worth the splurge for Spring Decorating.  Though I hadda leave numerous fab Loving Cup Trophies behind since alas, they were not within paltry budget.  *Le Sigh*

I already have a considerable Collection from Years of Sourcing Loving Cup Trophies so now I have to discern which would enhance the Collection best.  Most of mine are Copper and Bronze, tho' I do have some Antique Sterling... most of the gorgeous specimens at the Event were Silver and of better quality than I could outlay for right now.  But it was nice to see so many in groupings and vignettes... I Love Decorating with mine.

And if you were lacking in Vintage Dress Forms, with or without Stands and Cages, there was an abundance of those too!  I'm in the process of upgrading all of mine to the most coveted Antique specimens and Selling off the rest to fund the Goal.   I'd rather have less of the best than an abundance of ones that I'm quite willing to part with to fund an upgrade.   I Love Vintage and Antique Dress Forms though, they have gone up in price and gained in Value since I began Collecting them many years ago.  In hindsight, I should have bought the coveted ones way back then.

But tastes change you know, I think as well as every Cell in your Body being replaced every seven years, I find that in about a similar amount of time I'm ready to replace many things in the Home too!  Since my tastes goes thru a metamorphosis as well, don't  yours?   Things I was Passionate about a decade ago, in some cases, the Honeymoon Phase of J'Adoration is over and I can more easily Let Go.  Or even desperately want to purge them and replace with something fresh and different!

I don't particularly want our Home to look like one of those Time Capsule properties that froze in Time.   And so, I find myself in a Phase of J'Adoring some different Styles and things right now.  To go with that Desired Look which will be fresh to our Home, I bought two of those Numbered Vintage Industrial Black mini Metal Storage Boxes with faux Greenery.

I am extremely deep into The Process of purging from the Hoarded Garages at Home, in fact I have numerous Banana Boxes filled with fresh Inventory for the Showroom and Booth #317 as soon as I have enough room for any of it.  With just shutting down Booth #502 for the Summer, my remaining two spaces are rather filled to the rafters right now.  It's a good problem to have Inventory awaiting a rotations into my spaces tho', I won't need to Source anything all Summer long until I've depleted what I'm purging and culling from Home.

This was one of my favorite Vignettes at the Event since it's very similar to the Style I'm transforming some of my personal spaces to resemble.  It's a Look I'm drawn to on a visceral level and that's how I always prefer to Style our Home.   Relying upon Deep inward Feelings rather than Intellect or thinking too hard about Styling or Creating always works best for me, otherwise it just ends up too contrived for my liking.

I never have an actual Plan when I'm Decorating or Re-Decorating anyway, I have a loose Idea based on Objects and a Look that resonates with me.   Then just putting it all together for a Style of Decor that just Feels Right when it's finished and is not only Visually appealing, but Comfortable, is my end Goal.  I've done much of the parameter of the Hoarded Double Car Garage against the Walls, so now only the Center Hoard remains to tackle.  I'd like one more Cooler Morning to drag everything outside from the Center and have more room to work.

What I had waffled on just days ago I've been able to go back in and Cull later on and decide to part with.  So I'm not agonizing too much about making a firm decision immediately anymore.  It's working out much better to revisit the Objects a few days later and see how I now Feel about whether they should individually Stay or Go?!   I'm falling out of Love with a lot that previously I had thought I was Attached to, the main catalyst being, Selling it gleans resources to purchase the Dream pieces instead.

At the moment, while outlaying for Dental bills and Home repairs there is no budget for Dream pieces.   So during this pilgrimage I concentrated on finding Modest and inexpensive pieces, picking up five 1970's Equestrian Show Ribbons in faded Pink and tea stained Cream from my Friend Shelly's Vignettes.   When I can find Old Show Ribbons at a bargain I always buy them since I like Decorating with them and using them for Creative Projects.

So here's my cache' of Show Ribbons along with a good Book I also bought at the Event, they always carry Trendy Decor Books that you just can't find in the Big Box Bookstores.   I find that the Bookstores don't concentrate much on Decorating Books and I usually have a better selection in my own Library than they offer at a Barnes & Noble or such places that specialize in Books.  *LOL*  This Book is really good and has page after page of Inspiration for Decorating.

Here's a little sneak peek for you of some of the luscious Imagery in the Book of a Room of a Home to Die for!   Of coarse, when Decorating, if you happen to have the good fortune of a lovely Home's backdrop it makes all the difference.  But even if you don't much like your Home or it's Architectural elements, or lack thereof, you can Create an incredible Illusion with good Decor and a sense of Style.  To camouflage almost any structure's flaws or boring mass built cookie cutter design is a Talent you can perfect.

Here's my most extravagant purchase from the Event, this unique Business Card Holder, Trophy Style, Antique Statuary of a Woman on top of a Lion.  It's spelter with a bronze wash.  I've never seen anything like it and you know what they say about that... if you've never seen it before and Love it, buy it!  *Winks*  You can also see my Metal Boxes with the faux Greenery.

A few other things I bought, but not at the Event, were some cement Planters with faux Succulent Greenery 50% Off, some ornate Wire Trim on Sale 50% Off... and tho' full price, I couldn't resist that Test Tube Vase inside of a faux Petrified Wood Tree Ring which I put some faux Greenery in also.  The Meditation Room is Upstairs and since I don't go Upstairs daily I don't want to utilize real plants that I'd have to Care for, but I want Greenery for the space so am finding realistic looking faux Greenery.

One other Big Box Craft Store buy was this lovely Freshwater Pearl Pendant encased in Bling for only seven bucks!!!   But I digress... Sorry my ADHD is showing, LOL... now back to the Event... *Winks*

It was a lovely Sunny day tho' quite Hot, so tho' I got a good place in line and great parking since I arrived plenty early, I didn't luck out with the early VIP entry drawing so it was quite sweltering waiting for the doors to open.  Summertime at Events can be brutal if there is line standing outside so I'll have to rethink my strategy about how badly I want to get in early over the Summer when it's even hotter... or arrive later, but not overheat!?  *LOL*

Now I know my reasons for early arrival aren't typical, I don't come earlier to get the best stuff... there isn't another thing in this World that I really NEED so that sense of Urgency is long gone!  *LMAO*   I don't Care if you get to it first, no matter how Awesome it was, I can Celebrate you procuring it before the rest of us without Envy or resentment that I didn't get to it first.   I arrive early primarily to get decent Parking since Diabetic issues with my feet make walking or standing quite painful sometimes.  And secondary is to get the best possible Coverage of any Event before it gets ravaged by the eager Crowds.

I am fully aware of how much long, hard Work goes into the Presentation of these Events and what a Talent it is to be able to Merchandise it exceptionally in these gorgeous Vignettes and Displays.   Preserving that Visually thru the Eye of my lens for endless Inspiration before it's dismantled as it's Sold off, is important to me.  I know how much my peeps here in The Land Of Blog appreciate it too, since not everyone can attend every Event and yet want to experience it Virtually.

I too thoroughly enjoy visually experiencing Events, Shops and Shows that have been Shared here in The Land Of Blog by other Bloggers.  It has greatly expanded my Bucket List of places and Events I want to eventually experience in Real Life.   It's endless Inspiration to see how the Masters do it when they're Decorating, Styling and Merchandising their Wares.  Here's my Statue as I first laid Eyes upon her, on the most AMAZING Antique Fireplace Mantle I ever saw!  Had budget permit, that's a Statement Piece I would have liked to have owned lemme tell ya!

The Antique Fireplace Mantle that I will be utilizing in my Meditation Room is one I've owned for decades but which I do eventually plan to upgrade.  I'll be Selling it off to justify the upgrade to something more grandiose like that one the Statue was on.   But for the time being I do not have room in my Showroom for the flip of mine and it would take some additional Savings to come up with the balance towards the upgrade as well to get what I want as a Dream piece Antique Mantle.  So that upgrade will have to wait a while longer.

So, we've covered my Desire to upgrade some of my Vintage Dress Forms... and one of my Antique Fireplace Mantles... and frankly I've been upgrading a lot of items slowly and methodically over Time.   My Vintage Suitcase Collection is a prime example of a successful upgrade.  I'd Sold Off a Hoard of Old Suitcases I didn't have attachments to in order to purchase my absolute favorite ones to Collect and store items in.  It took time, it didn't happen all at once, successful upgrades seldom do, it's not an instant gratification kind of thing to upgrade possessions or properties, it takes patience and resolve. 

Another Dream piece item I would have liked to have sprung on was the headless Antique Mannequin.  I have numerous lesser Mannequins I could flip to fund such a purchase, I just haven't done it yet.  Well, I have several Mannequins up for Sale, but mostly my Customers have been buying the Clothing off of them rather than the Vintage Mannequins... what can I say!?  It's a running joke in the Family, since I never intended to Sell Boho Clothing, but didn't want a bunch of naked Mannequins in the room seeming creepy or perverse since many Families come to our Mall.  *LOL*

So I began dressing them for modesty sake with Clothing Styles I'd wear myself... but in smaller sizes of coarse since most of my Mannequins are not BMW Real Women sizes.  *Winks*   So, apparently many of the Young people who shop my spaces are diggin' the Wardrobes of said Mannequins and so every time I go into the Mall most are naked again!!!  And so it continues... constantly... that I have to Source Wardrobe until a Mannequin Sells and the Family think that is hilarious!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

Even tho' I do have a Fabulous Master Bathroom with a Spa Tub, I do so miss our Antique Slipper Cast Iron Tub that was at the Old Homestead and I Sold to my Friends Brett and Myko when I moved.   Soaking in an Antique Slipper Tub, well, there's nothing quite like it my Friends.  I've seriously thought about putting one in my Inner Courtyard eventually to bathe under the Stars again... after we install a Pergola of coarse.  *Winks*   We are in the flight path of Jet Pilots in Training and I don't wanna be responsible for a sight that causes a Young Pilot to crash his Jet!?!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

So here's the Vignette on the other side of the Fabulous Mantle I couldn't buy... a bunch of the perfect Color Metal Vintage Loving Cup Trophies, alas, no budget for any of them.  *Pouting Petulantly!*  I actually liked the Silver one best, I have a preference for Loving Cups that have Engraving and Dates.

But as you can plainly see, the majority of the Loving Cups were of the better quality and not entry level Collector prices.   I have been Collecting mine for years but the budget to Score them is still at entry level I'm afraid!  *Le Sigh*  The big ticket Dream piece ones are way over my price point to snag and it's getting harder to just find them at a bargain if they are of good quality now that people do Decorate with them.  In the Old Days nobody wanted someone else's Trophies and therefore you could get them for a Song... which I did... and it spoiled me.

I got spoiled with Architectural Salvage in much the same way since back in da day you could get it Free!  Or those razing Historic Homes would actually offer to pay me to haul it away and take it off their hands {Gasp... I know... booyah!}!   Because back then they thought you were a Nut Job for even Collecting such things as Architectural Salvage and couldn't imagine what you'd even be doing with it?!?  *LOL*  Truth be told, my own Family and Friends thought me a Nut Job for Collecting and Styling with it way back then... now they're not laughing anymore given the prices and demand for such things and the Hoard I had procured to make Bank with now it's Trended!  *Winks*

So here's to Celebrating us Junk Queens and Junk Kings who everyone used to mock back in da day and who now Wish and Dream they had some of the shit we got for virtually nothing... or got paid to haul away and Rescue from the Landfills!  It still exists Today because of all of our hard work way back when... when few Valued any such things!  Give yourselves a hand all you Junquers, Preservationist Minded and Salvage Dawgs!  You've Preserved pieces of History... one piece at a time!


Blessings, Love and Light from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl