Thursday, August 12, 2010

Alas... One Crossed Off My 'Bucket List' Before I Could Go... Madre's

I have my "Bucket List" of all those places I would like to see before passing from time into eternity. Over time I have managed to cross some off as I actually got the divine opportunity to experience them.

Alas, one has now been crossed off my "Bucket List" before I could go... "Madre's" the lovely Restaurant owned by Jennifer Lopez and breath-takingly decorated by Rachel Ashwell... it has apparently closed! *le sigh* I remember seeing the TV Special of Jennifer and Rachel as they collaborated on the design, decor and opening of the place... it was magical to see a vision that beautiful and grand come to life before your very eyes! The process mezmerized me as two creative minds merged to showcase such a transformation of a challenging space and daunting task into something... well... exquisitely sublime! Attention to detail, which is something I adore, was painstainkingly done on every aspect and facet of the project... and it showed. The layering of beauty upon beauty and yet still making it functional as a busy Commercial property was nothing short of miraculous. How many restaurants have you ever been to that have created such an ambiance of being in someone's HOME... to feel like a Guest at their Madre's Casa? They accomplished this remarkable feat and I swooned over the end results... couple that with the prospect of tasty Latin cuisine and well, it HAD to go on my List! *wink* Rachel also showcased the Restaurant in one of her Books "Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Sumptuous Settings & Other Lovely Things"... I poured over every detail and photograph... yes, this would definitely stay on the List until I got the chance one day!

However, that day NEVER came my Friends and is no longer even a possibility ... CLOSED... I can't imagine putting that much into a vision and have it end in less than a decade... I truly can't, it must have been a very sad day indeed. But it did get me to thinking about all of those other things that we might have on our "Lists"... that we PLAN to do SOME DAY... and if we fail to act within the window of opportunity... we may miss our chance and never experience that which we were fascinated or enamored enough by, for whatever reason, that we put it on our "List" to begin with!!! The things I've put on my "List" are things that I truly desire the experience of... and I don't know if I'll get the privilege to do them all... but I'd sure like to try... and the longer I put off checking each one off by actually DOING it, the greater the risk that I may never get the chance! *Gasp* That would be tragic wouldn't it? Regardless of what is on our "List" or why, whether it makes sense to anyone but ourselves or how outrageous, silly or impossible it may seem... my Hope is that you are actually taking some actions TOWARDS being able to DO them and not just dream about them or put them off 'til some day and risk that some day never comes... Dawn ... The Bohemian

*All Photos cribbed from 'Madre's' website or Bing Images*

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  1. Hello dear Dawn,thank you very much for your visit and nice comment!!! Your blog are beautiful and very interesing!!
    Have a nice summer weekend
    Fleurette from Prague,Czech republic


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