Monday, August 23, 2010

Bargain Bling, Etched Glass And China

It was my intent to have a Blog that was fun, positive and uplifting, so my only post of the day could NOT just be about a mere frustration! *wink* Occassionally I need to vent and once off my chest I'm back to Center... in my World seen through Rose Colored Glasses. *smiles* It helped that a bit of 99 cent retail therapy 'scores' were the Found Treasures for the day!
Yes, I gathered all five pieces for a mere ninety-nine cents each... ahhhhhhhhh, life is good again. *LOL* First there was the sweet little Rhinestone Bracelet, all Rhinestones intact and glistening... Bargain Bohemian Bling is pure Valhalla!!! Then there were the two etched Glass Apocathary Jars with wide lids... with the IDENTICAL etchings of my other etched Glass containers with the bottle-like stoppers... serendipity at it's best! Now I can store the Spa items that would not fit in the narrow opening containers and have a beautiful matched Set of five! And then... the Cherry Blossom design China Berry Bowl... and last, but certainly not least, the most lovely China Teacup with gorgeous painted Cabbage Roses on each side and on the inside, which match so many of my other painted Cabbage Rose China pieces. I can certainly already envision Grand-Daughter 'Princess' T and I sipping Tea at our Mad Tea Parties from this delightful little Teacup!
Yes, a wee bit of inexpensive retail therapy Thrifting and gathering delightful little Treasures is certainly the best and cheapest therapy by far don't you agree? *wink* It would be so difficult to be down or stay frustrated when surrounded by such beauty and lovelies... and layering our World with Found Treasures is a pasttime that the Grandchildren and I often do together and delight in... transcending generations and just having good ole fun together... Dawn... The Bohemian

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