Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Beauty Of Sentiment

There are those Treasured items that the beauty of is in the Sentiment it conveys to us. I have many such items that I surround myself with in our Home and each one has a story, a sentiment that is attached to it and is deeply personal so that it touches my Heart or evokes a strong memory of History or moments in time within my Family and life.
Favorite photographs strewn around our Home of loved ones and special times in our lives... framed in my favorite type of frames... made of weathered old Salvaged painted wood and trim that has been repurposed and fashioned into frames.
A vintage Tapestry from the Algiers of Deer in a tranquil Forrest scene that my Parents brought back from when they were stationed abroad and has hung in every Home I've lived in since childhood and my earliest memory.
A small Silver Treasure Chest and Blue Cloisonne' Rosary Holder that my Children saved up for and presented me with to hold my array of Rosaries and tiny Treasures that I've been avidly collecting since before they were born. Special gifts of Jewelry and vintage Treasures presented to me by loved ones over the years, which is always even more special and unexpected than hunting for and finding them yourself... when someone knows you and your passions well enough to pick out the perfect items to add to your collections.
Special Cards... The Man always picks out the best and most special cards for me that convey his Love from the Heart and touch mine in the most intimate way... many I've had for decades now and every so often I'll re-read them. My very favorite is a Heart shaped Card that says 'For My Wife - Love Lies Hidden In Every Rose' and holds a dozen tinier cards, each with a different type of Rose and inside a single word... Strength... Comfort... Joy... Friendship... Understanding... Romance... Trust... Intimacy... Passion... Honesty... Sharing... Tenderness. And isn't that what relationships and life are all about? And likely why the beauty of Sentiment supercedes almost any other kind of beauty, because at it's core it's so deeply personal and treasured to each of us that nothing else can quite compare. May you surround yourself with those beautiful sentimental Treasures that will ALWAYS make your Heart melt, your memories remain fresh and vibrant, and your life enriched in ways that feed your Soul and touch your Spirit and make it soar. Dawn... The Bohemian

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