Sunday, August 8, 2010

Carousel Art

Now if you love Carousels and Carousel Art as much as we do, you're in for a treat! Today we celebrated my Grandson's Birthday at an Amusement Park and had a Carousel Photo-Fest as my Grand-Daughter and I rode it 'til we were dizzy! Her, wanting to ride every fabulous character animal on the Carousel and Gramma wanting to photograph all of the models of amazing Carousel Art! *wink* I've been enamored with Carnival Art since I was a child, it's always so imaginative, over-the-top, festive and vivid. It is what I call "Happy Art" and the Carousel in particular showcases Carnival Art at it's finest! Each piece stands alone as a remarkable work of Art and combined they mezmerize young and old alike with their beauty, themes and variety.

This particular Carousel had all the Bling too... shiny Jewels encrusted in the animals as well as detailed artwork on the saddles. It is my understanding that there are different 'types' of Carousels... and though I'm no Carousel expert and they're all beautiful in their own right... I tend to have a preference for the kind that have different types of exotic and imaginary animals as well as the Carousel Horses. The fun we had deciding which one to ride and to photograph next, all the while spinning and laughing! It was a good day... from Sun-up to Sundown. We did so much more than the Carousel... but I must say that it was our favorite... in spite of the more exciting and modern rides and games... the Carousel still holds a special place in the Hearts of many... and still Wows us with it's timeless beauty... reminding us that though we may grow older we can still find Joy in childhood activities like riding and admiring the timeless Carousel ... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful carousel!!!
    Have a nice sunday,


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