Sunday, August 29, 2010

Catlin Cash Day

Alas peeps, I didn't get THE Locket Necklace Saturday on 'Catlin Cash Day' that I'd been lusting over for weeks, someone beat me to it and I missed it by a matter of minutes. *le sigh* But, before you feel too sorry for me, it was my own fault... I certainly arrived early enough to score it... the first one on the block as a matter of fact, two full hours before anything opened, loads of Monopoly style Catlin Cash burning a hole in my bag. But the allure of a gorgeous Morning + Historic Neighborhood = me taking a long leisurely stroll + photo ops... which ultimately meant time slipped away from me and before I knew it, I was running a tad bit late! *gasp* I was also waiting on my camera-shy BFF to arrive, who has yet to be photographed for this Blog and thus thought she would remain faceless and mysterious... except she forgets this Friend has an archived image of the Posse at the Glendale Jazz And Blues Festival getting our groove on *wink* which I have now snuck in and shared so that you now know my usual Partner in the crime of being out of control Junquers and Treasure Hunters extraordinaire *LOL*. This was to be our Girls Day Out and I was in "no hurries-no worries mode"... nor was I particularly primed to size anyone up and take them out to ensure I'd score said Locket... though if I'm Jonesin' for coveted item I've been known to be a force to be reckoned with. *Smiles* No regrets, everything happens as it will for a reason... and I never would have even looked for the wonderful items I did score had I just beelined and found said Locket that day, so it's all good and I'm totally content with what did come home with me instead. In it's stead I came away with the amazing custom Pink Salvage Wood and Metal Floral Picture Frame and matching Box by amazing Artist "Laura Van" ... love her work and choosing was difficult as there were so many amazing pieces made by her at "Cottage Garden 2"... and for some mysterious reason I'm fixated and stuck on the word 'amazing'!? *LOL* I also got a fabulous Bohemian Bracelet with dark beads and blinged-out Filigree medallion. Note to self: I desperately need a hand double for modeling Bracelets and Rings. *wink* Note to Yourselves: If you're one to embarrass easily you would not want to go Junquing or Treasure Hunting with moi, as I tend to photograph items in the field where ever I think they might look good displayed... said score was photographed at the side of the road in a public flower garden... I'm shameless and don't embarrass easily. *LOL*

I also had an amazing Luncheon at "Little Saigon" with Hot Jasmine Tea... don't my Rice Flour Crepes just look divine!!!!??!?!?! *contented sigh* Since BFF does not do Vietnamese... except for sharing Tea... we appeased her appetite at a delightful little European Bistro style Restaurant where I had dessert... yeah I know, naughty girl... but that huge Macaroon Cookie was do die for!!! *smiles* And their fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Herb Sandwich on fresh Ciabbatta Bread that the BFF had looked and tasted amazing too... yes, I had a taste, of coarse! *wink* Had to critique it for the Blog didn't I? *wink* At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. *smiles* And I had walked for two hours that Morning taking in the scenery and reveling in the visual delights around me so it had worked up quite an appetite! All of the Shop Owners also had thoughtfully set up refreshments for the Shoppers... quite a nice spread in fact... so exercise was definitely in order for the day as I had no restraint whatsoever confronted with all that delightful food AND shopping eye candy!!! *me swooning*

That was only the beginning of a very satisfying Girl's Day Out my Friends... but I'll save the rest for later... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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