Friday, August 13, 2010

Chips Off The Old Block

Honestly... being Artistic, creative, organizing and re-arranging must be in our DNA... it isn't even something I remember being 'taught', it just came naturally and has in each subsequent generation! My Children were that way and now I'm seeing the traits in each of the Grandchildren also.

My 10 year old Grandson will critique fashion with me and loves Art... especially sculpting out of clay. If he doesn't end up being a renown Fashion Designer or Sculptor I will be surprised. From an early age he could do ornate complicated Origami Art and Clay Sculptures quickly and impressively. His was not the type of Art an Adult had to try to figure out what it was, it was quite evident and skilled beyond his years. He already loves to sew fabric Art out of the scraps I leave behind from my work and has a better eye for what looks good on me than I do myself! His Origami Books are some of his most prized possessions and he often makes it and gives it as gifts. He can spot the clothing of a favorite Designer of mine and tell you about it... yesterday we dropped in at "Frilly Frocks" and I had said nothing to the Grandkids about why I was going to that particular Boutique... but the moment we walked in he spied the 'Magnolia Pearl' pieces and called me over to them! *wink* He enjoys discussing fashion and design, which often surprises Women, and he has his point of view already about fashion and design.

My 4 year old Grand-Daughter loves to organize and will do so even when we go shopping... if shelves and displays are out of order or don't look right she will quickly go to work on them, as if it's an urge and it bothers her to just leave it that way and walk on by... Employees are quite amazed that a wee one even cares, let alone takes the time to put that much work into something she hasn't even been asked to do or will get paid for! At Home I'll often catch her arranging and re-arranging vignettes of my Lovelies and cleaning for hours on end rather than playing... totally engrossed in her little projects and enjoying herself, just like Gramma! *Smiles* After her bath last night I caught her hard at work on one of her vignette projects and managed to snap a few candid photos before she realized that I had snuck up on her... then she proudly posed with her 'work'.. what a good job she does... could Store Displays be in her future I wonder?

These aren't talents I've 'taught' them, though they might have learned what they live to some extent watching me closely and becoming interested in my passions by the exposure... but some they even couldn't possibly have learned by 'example', because quite frankly I could not mold clay into beautiful sculptures and my Mathematical skills are lacking in order to do amazing Origami and wrap my mind around that creative concept so that I'd excel at it. So I do believe that though the next generations may come to appreciate Art by exposure to it, there will always be those that inherited those genes... the ones that ignite a creative Spirit to create, the ones that create the urges to collect, gather, scavenge for Salvage and discarded Treasures, and become a keeper of the past... so we can be sure that our 'kind' will never die out... the next generations of them are coming up right behind us... honing their skills and looking for Mentors... encourage them, Mentor them, let them know the importance of what Gifts they possess so that they may share them with the World... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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