Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Enamored With Enamelware

I am totally enamored with Enamelware... especially European pieces like the graceful French Body Pitchers, huge British Bread Boxes, fabulous French Cannister Sets... the latter of which is still on my "Wish List" of future acquisitions. Such utilitarian pieces as Enamelware can be both beautiful in a simplistic way and yet also serve the Family in daily use and practicality, which is probably why they are among my most favorite household items. We use them daily and when not in use, pieces can be strictly decorative, until they're needed again for more practical purposes. The colors and designs Enamelware comes in are endless and many are coveted for their particular distinctions or palette.

I have a large enamel Baby Bath that each of the Grandchildren used until they were too big to fit into it. We have numerous foot baths and bowls with water pitchers to pamper oneself when giving Pedies or simply washing the dust off of weary traveling sandaled feet after a day of traipsing merrily through the Flea Markets and Antique Districts. *smiles* I'm a hoarder of Lotions, Potions, Spa Products, scented Oils, fancy Soaps, Bubble Baths and Herbs to further enrich the Spa experience so it is a sensual delight we look forward to daily.

As well as the antique and vintage enamelware pieces I've also acquired a beautiful selection of modern Asian enamelware pieces which are inexpensive and so prettily decorated... go to the Asian Markets and see for yourself the vast array of charming pieces that you can grace your table with on even the most modest budget. I like that they keep hot items hot longer and when chilled, can keep Salads and cold items delightfully cool and crisp on even the hottest Summer's Day... which is no small feat here in the scorching Arizona Desert!

Yes, Enamelware is one of those inventions for which I'm eternally grateful and celebrate. It has not only given me beautiful pieces to collect and admire in the quest to decorate our Home with unique items, but it has remained as useful as the day it was invented. It has remained as cost effective over the course of time, so that it is still as available and affordable to everyone, as it was intended to be. It holds up well and even when it has become somewhat damaged, the effects of time-worn use make it even more charming and rustic. It can be repurposed once it's original use is no longer possible... I've made Garden Art, Planters, Birdhouses, Fountains and Sculptures out of Salvage pieces. I love my Enamelware and have remained enamored with it over the years, I still get the flutter of excitement when I 'score' a new piece, and it serves our Family well so it has been a wise investment that we all can use and enjoy.

What have you become enamored with in your Treasure Hunting Quests? What is it about it that you have a particular affection for? Pull up a seat, grab a cup of Tea and share your story, I'm listening and eager to hear it... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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