Sunday, August 22, 2010

Old Trinket Boxes And Golden Details

I just love old filigree trinket boxes and chachke's with golden details... it is difficult for me to pass one up since my weakness for them is strong! I always find a use for them, they are one of those Treasures that were designed with specific purpose... to hold Jewelry, cosmetics and toothbrushes... to comoflauge spray cans, tissue boxes and toilet paper rolls... to adorn Altars and hold candles. Many come in matching sets and to find a complete set is pure Bohemian Valhalla! Quite often I don't find the entire set at once, bit by bit matching pieces find me and become complete sets over time. But even the mismatched pieces are somehow cohesive in a group and delight the eye.
Since they were abundantly made they are still among some of the most easy and economical Treasures to collect and display. The shapes, sizes and varieties are seemingly endless. The beveled glass used on most of the trinket boxes was thick and therefore stood the test of time and endured the ages. The pieces that have lost their golden lustre can easily be spray painted any hue that suits your decorating tastes... I have many that have gone White and definitely have that Romantic delicate Shabby Chic appeal.
I love that so many of my pieces beautifully disguise everyday items, or become useful and yet pretty storage... making them both a charming Treasure and a utilitarian piece in the rooms they grace. They often stack nicely making an even more visual impact vertically as well as horizontally. Yes, I do adore my old trinket boxes and chachke's with golden details and I wonder... can one ever have too many?! *wink* ... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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