Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Path

There are many paths in life to take... and we're all on one. The choices of which direction to go, which path to take, changing paths along the way is a vital one. We all must choose and the destination we arrive at is dependant upon which path we have taken or failed to take. Though Grace has given us the option of changing paths as often as we need to and a wise traveler will alter course if they discern that the path they are on leads to a destination that is all wrong... could lead to ruin or be ten miles or more of bad road.

Who we take along with us on the journey is another vital choice. Some choose to travel alone mostly and for them that could be a good thing... or a not so good thing... depending upon what they encounter traveling solo. Some choose good traveling companions and therefore the journey is a particularly pleasant one where they can share all of the Blessings along the path and have present help in times of trouble. While others have a troubled journey with difficult traveling companions and far too much baggage to carry and that can account for much unpleasantness and hinder arriving at any desired destination they are dreaming of.

I love taking long walks, particularly along paths... you never know what or who you might encounter along the way and that is part of the allure of it. You never quite know what the destination might be... or even if there is one or if you'll recognize it when you 'arrive'? There are times I journey alone on these paths... and times I have company... and I realize that these walking paths are not unlike Life Paths chosen. Sometimes I've found a good path to follow... and others times perhaps a not so good path to follow. Sometimes I've had a set destination... other times I'm just taking a walk. Sometimes I'm leading... sometimes I'm following... sometimes I just need to get out of the way so that others can proceed on their journey unobstructed. There are times I've traveled light... and there are times I've traveled burdened. There are times I've had to stop and rest while on a path, or slow down if the pace I've set is too brisk, or take the time to savor the actual journey and process of going somewhere so that many delights are not missed. But the most important thing I've learned about paths and traveling them, is to keep moving forward... either along a path you've decided is good... or through a journey and path that is unpleasant and not 'camp' there... or decide to change paths and not dwell upon having taken the wrong path for a while and instead look forward and gain momentum as you take the first step upon a new path.

My Hope for you this day is that you are presently on a pleasant journey of Life, with your feet set upon a good path filled with whatever makes your Heart, Soul and Spirit sing... with an amazing destination in mind... Dawn... The Bohemian

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I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

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