Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rosemary And Sea Salt Bread

A local Bakery/Restaurant "The Wildflower Bread Company" makes the most divine Rosemary and Sea Salt Bread. So this morning while my Grandson and I were having Breakfast there I just had to pick up a loaf. It's a Seasonal Bread they only make during the Summer, which is just as well, otherwise I'd be in a Carb Coma from eating it continuously year round! *wink* One of these days though I will have to get a good recipe for this type of Bread and try my hand at some home-made Rosemary and Sea Salt Bread. Is there anything that smells quite as good as fresh bread baking? That smell wafting through any Home just makes it seem cozier and welcoming doesn't it?

To be sure I've often cheated and lit a scented candle that simulates the aroma of freshly baking delights... much to the chagrin of the Family... who initially thinks there is actually some freshly baked delights in the oven and then has the letdown of realizing, no... it's the faux smell simulated by a candle. *le sigh* I had a bread machine once, but the loaves were so tiny that they lasted mere seconds and it just seemed like too much work for so little results... plus there were NO seconds for anyone and that would never do... so it's back to the old-fashioned way of doing it.

But for today I had it freshly done for me at the Bakery... and since the temps were hovering around 110 degrees I didn't mind not heating up the Kitchen and avoiding the extra work... it was delightful to just sit down and enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor of love. And have that extra time to go to the Gardens and relax, read a good book, get some exercise, enjoy Nature's beauty and grandeur and refuel creative energy so that when I got home later... I was well fed, my Spirit was well fed and I could settle in and create all Night to my Heart's content... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh thank you for the lovely comment ;O)))
    your pictures sooooo beautiful...
    a very very nice weekend...kisses Susi

  2. YUM!!!!!!!! I want a big warm slice of this bread slathered in butter!!!! I wish I had this place close by to just PICK some up. Maybe I should look for a receipe on the internet. Thanks for sharing! Charlene


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