Monday, August 2, 2010

So Many Creative Ideas... So Little Time...

Having a wealth of creativity and ideas is never my problem... there's a virtual avalanche of them swirling around in this head. If I lived several lifetimes I'd probably still not get everything created that I envision and would enjoy bringing to life. I have a wealth of found objects, vintage fabrics, trims, beads, Bohemian Bling and Treasures for the creative process to evolve out of and come together to create wearable Art and Decor.

So what you might add, seems to be the problem? TIME my Friends... so many creative ideas... so little time! Now, to be sure I spend a considerable amount of time on The Hunt... but when it comes to Art and to the creative process... all of you Artists out there know what I'm talking about... having UNINTERRUPTED CREATIVE TIME!!! Creativity you see cannot be 'on the clock' per se nor can good Art be forced. I refuse to compromise beauty or quality in my Art, they are cornerstones of the process for me and my Mantra of working with excellence. I don't take shortcuts nor will I knock out my Art for profit margins or convenience or impatient recipients of it... I'd feel as though I was selling my Soul rather than feeding it if it ever came to that and I'd be violating my own standards. It takes as long as it takes... I've never been bothered by how many countless hours I've invested in a project or piece. My desire and urge to create is based far more on the love of the Art than on the sale of it. I honestly never care if I sell it, keep it or wait until the right person comes along to present it as a surprise Gift or donation for a worthy cause I'm supporting and passionate about. But, having UNINTERRUPTED creative moments and time to be in The Zone to create is a precious commodity in Mi Vida Loca... *le sigh* My Dream would be to create most of the time and have endless hours to devote to my Art. When I'm working on a piece I lose track of time and how long I've been in The Zone of creative Nirvana because time seems to virtually stand still for me when Artist and Creation come together during those magical moments. Well, that's until I'm INTERRUPTED *huge sigh* and have to keep putting it down and coming back to it... putting it away and coming back to it... tending to someone's needs and trying to get back to it... breaking up a heated sibling rivalry and trying to get back to it... being "Gramma-ed", "Mom-ed" or "Honey-ed" to death because they see me busy with something that has now taken center stage for a moment in time ... *wink, you get the picture*.

I had one of my Cottages in the back of our acreage set up as my Work Studio for a time... we still hosted Guests there during visits since it is a self contained living space with full Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom in spite of all my Studio Stuff occupying the Main Living Room area... But when the economy took a nose dive and the Son needed to move back Home the Guest Room in the Main House was just too feminine in decor and small to occommodate him... so, yep, he displaced me and rented the Cottage space and seems quite entrenched and content there so no telling when he'll want to move out again?! *wink* I've still got most of my Work back there and he's TOTALLY okay with that, it's a Babe Magnet after all for him to showcase and have the Gals swoon over the Bohemian elegance and oppulance it's decorated in and having a Gypsy Retreat full of fabulous Lovelies and OOAK Bohemian Treasures is like Heaven to almost any Female. *LOL* It's gotten me Clients too, so I'm not totally complaining... he's brought more people through there that have fallen in love with my Art than I ever did while creating out of it! *LOL* So no, Mom didn't have to move it all to the Storage Cottages, but its not as if I can still CREATE there either. *pout*

So... I still eek out the precious little time that I'm able to, at the weird hours it presents itself, to devote to my Art and create, create, create... and Dream of a day when I can trick out a Vardo or Vintage Air Stream in Bohemian elegance and oppulence, hit the Flea Market and Art Circuits on a wanderlust Sabbatical... and create my Art at my leisure, whenever I want and forever how long I want, under the Heavens and the Stars, in Fields and Meadows of wild grasses and wildflowers, on the Beach or in the Mountain Forrests... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, THAT my Friends would be my Heaven On Earth... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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