Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Wonder What We Could Do That We've Never Tried?

There are so many Art forms I've never tried that do intrigue me or that I greatly admire in the work of others. I often wonder how difficult it would be to learn some of them, or if I'd have a knack or gift for some of them if I were to try to work with those mediums?

I make Jewelry, but only learning simple basics of putting pieces together from pieces already made. I marvel at the beads... how many of them were made by an Artist. Admire the vintage pieces already constructed that now I make into new pieces of altered wearable Art.

There are the Silversmiths, Goldsmiths and those that work at soldering their own creations out of various metals and often around various objects such as Crystals and pieces of China... how cool is that!?

I admire the fabulous painted Art on vintage Tins, China and Porcelain. Then there are the Fabric Designers, creating new fabric designs of their own imaginations that will grace so many projects the rest of us will create or admire and be drawn to decorate our Homes with!

There are the Jewelers who will design the Jewelry pieces from scratch and set the Stones and designs upon each piece. The Carpenters who designed, built and perhaps even carved the beautiful pieces of furniture we collect and use daily in our Homes.

Granted, many items are no longer hand-made and machines may do some, or even most, of the work. But behind everything a machine has created there was the person who was inspired with the idea behind what is being made... or made the machine... the human aspect of every piece is still evident... all those various gifts and talents... I just often wonder how many of those untapped gifts and talents each of us possess that we've never tried, applied or even realized we had? I just wonder... and quite often in the wondering, I step out and try my hand at something different... and the results can truly be amazing and deeply gratifying... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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  1. Thanks for coming by my blog. I see your lovely linens...love them...so jealous!


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