Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Weekend Tag Sale

It was a totally insane time to do it... with high humidity and temperatures soaring over 110 degrees ... and after beginning I felt like perhaps we must be absolutely mad... but my Friend and I decided to hold our Weekend Tag Sale today. She's preparing for a trip and I've been editing possessions for months, so we needed to rotate and move out some stuff and make a little discretionary side money.

I'm all about the signs... I love making signs out of Salvaged pieces... hers tend to be simple, basic and right to the point... bright poster board, permanent markers and arrows pointing the way *smiles*... so... since we were setting up at her house she won out on the signage today. We'll utilize my collection of signage next time, when we set up at this ole House.

We didn't do too bad... I'm amazed at how many determined Tag Sale Devotees brave the fierce heat... because it was absolutely brutal by 8:00 a.m. I tell you and it only got worse as it headed towards Noon... which was my official "I've Had It" deadline... before I started getting delirious and seeing Mirages wavering around me! *LOL* After all, set up and tear down are the most strenuous and least exciting parts of having a Sale... and though 5:00 a.m. set up was no Joy for this old Vamp Gal... tear down in the Noonday Sun was even less so! Isn't it only mad dogs that stay out in the Noonday Sun? *smiles* I was drained, I was hot, tired, sweaty, drenched in fact... and ready to set it all on fire or give it away to any random passers by... *wink* See, once I've decided something must leave my Home for good... I no longer have ANY sentiment or attachment to it... it's gotta go, the sooner the better.

My Friend has a lot more patience and resolve on "next time" and is more inclined to hold out, pack up, and store... and she's being a trooper by storing what little I didn't donate.... because it was NOT coming back Home, it has been banished forever. To be sure the next Tag Sale we hold will find all new items from my camp... because 99.9% of what was mine and didn't sell, was whisked off to 'The Salvation Army' immediately after we closed down. There were still some Treasures that did not move... and perhaps they would have... but I have a Peace about knowing they went to a good cause... I made my side money for a Morning's work, had good fellowship and am progressing nicely in 'edit mode'... so it was all good.

But I must confess peeps, I'm far better at being a gatherer, scavenger and collector of Found Treasures than I am at having the fortitude and patience to be a Seller of it... my Friend is lucky to talk me into holding a mutual Tag Sale or two a month... and when I had a Booth at an Antique Mall, if I didn't make scads of money I just couldn't justify the overhead and time... so my hat goes off to all of you that do it more regularly or make a living at it... you're better Women than I... and the Women like me appreciate your efforts because you give us those joyous places to shop that we enjoy so much and so often... may you prosper and be Blessed above measure... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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