Thursday, September 23, 2010

Death By Candy Cigarrettes

I may possibly be the first person to have death by Candy Cigarrettes!? *wink*  Well, they're not actually called that anymore, political correctness has now renamed this delectible vintage delight Candy Sticks and taken the little red cherry color off the tops... but we're not fooling these bright modern kiddies one bit by the PC. *smiles*  It never made me want to smoke the real thing and I doubt it will entice them either, so we indulge in our faux smokes... and lately... due to stress... well, I've OVERINDULGED peeps!  I should already be in a Candy Cigarrette sugar coma! *LOL*  There's only two to a pack... little Halloween packs... but who can stop at just one pack... apparently I'm a 10-12 pack Candy Cigarrette a day addict!   And I must be stopped... is there possibly a Candy Cigarrette's Anonymous Group I could join so I can kick this habit?!   Well... thankfully they only come out this time of year and I'll force myself into withdrawal until next Season... that's if I don't have death by Candy Cigarrettes before then... which I suppose is not unlike Death By Cupcakes... *wink*...  Dawn... The Bohemian

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