Thursday, September 16, 2010

Evolving Tastes -vs- Back To My Roots

I can be fairly conflicted about decorating style and I'll tell you why... I grew up awash in Bohemian splendor, rich in Color and ethnic eclectic beauty. We traveled constantly and never stayed in one place very long so the World was "Home" and we often incorporated many items into our Home decor from all of the places and Countries we lived in. There were the colorful bright Casbah Souk influences, exotic details from the Orient and Middle East, rich fabrics from Europe, Tapestries from Algeria, East Indian Artisan work, Celtic and Native American influences from my Parent's cultures, Antiques from around the World... there was nothing ordinary in our Home and it was definitely not monochromatic in decorating style. So at my very core that is the atmosphere and decor I'm still most comfortable in, even after all these years... Gypsy Bohemian Chic.
Growing up in the 60's I also had the influence of the Hippie Era and since it was not all that different in style from what I was used to, since both of my Parents were Artsy, Avant Garde and very distinctive in their point of view, I embraced the Hippie Culture and to this day it is still a very strong influence in my sense of style and Art.
Over the years I've had evolving tastes and gravitated to some decorating styles that are very unlike that which were at my core and I grew up around... I moved from a predominantly Bohemian and Native American influence in our Home to one where Shabby Chic, French Country and English Cottage style were also embraced and incorporated. Pastels and White now had a place in our Home and I really have enjoyed those changes and evolution of Tastes and Style because it fed the Romantic in me. That said... herein lies my internal conflict... one which I'm noticing as I move into my Golden Years is becoming more profound in what I want and need to surround myself with. Though I adore those styles I've evolved into a taste for... the deepest longing I have been having lately is gravitating back to my roots. Evolving Tastes -vs- back to my Roots if you will. I may never fully banish every Pastel, White and Shabby influence because I have come to love them too... but they are going to have to exist with my Bohemian exotic Palette and possessions as well... those things I never got rid of because they were such a part of me and who I am at my very core of existence. Most have come out of storage now and are starting to dominate the scene more and more as time goes on... so in a way I've come full circle... and who I am is becoming more and more evident in my decor and my ways... Dawn... The Bohemian

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