Thursday, September 2, 2010

Instincts Served Me Well... Again... Cha-Ching!!!

You might remember that little Vintage Stratton Compact that I stumbled upon at the 'Goodwill' in a previous post? Knowing nothing at all about Compacts as a collectible I had just been enamored with the design and graphics of the lovely little piece... and yet, I almost passed it up since I don't use face powder, and had to go back for it when I couldn't get it off my mind or my Heart and figured any gal can always use an extra travel mirror. *smiles* Well, I'm glad I went with my instincts as they've served me well once again. After doing some casual research on Stratton Compacts and delighting in the History of the Company and their pieces, it turns out that they're a desired collectible and worth FAR, FAR MORE than the bargain price I paid for mine... Cha-Ching!!! *wink* I have cribbed some photos off of retail sites on the Internet that specialize in these pieces, such as "Stratton Jewellery" - "Antiques Off Broadway" - "Jewel Jumble", to show a few more lovely examples of Vintage Stratton Compacts and noted that the unique scalloped shape seems to prevail and my piece is a rather elaborate example of the lovely artwork that graces the covers. I let out a tiny gasp at the prices and apparent value of each piece!!! *Holy Mother Of God... I would have been having Heart palpitations had I only known beforehand... he he he* And the fact that most were already 'Sold' so obviously there is a demand for them!!!!! Who knew... certainly not I... and though I didn't purchase my piece with any intention of resale... and I didn't realize it had THAT much value, it's still nice to know it will be a slightly valuable item to add to the inheritance my Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren shall receive one day. And it tickled me to know that this little obscure Treasure had not fallen off my instinctive Treasure Hunting Radar for the 'good stuff'... in spite of having absolutely no head knowledge of it's value, that Treasure Hunting Gene in me was just drawn to it... like it has so many times in the past... serving me well... Dawn ... The Bohemian


  1. Well WooHoo for You!! What a find it was! I'm glad to shared your information with us...I'll have to go and check out the ones I have...never thought about blogging about them!
    Ha~! Beautiful post! You should join me for Pearls and Lace Thursday!!
    Blessings, Doni

  2. These are gorgeous, just love them. My favorites are French Provencal scenes, you have a lovely collection.

  3. Dawn, thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! I'll start pulling out the compacts as you said so I can share them!!
    Blessings, Doni

  4. Vintage compacts are like little portable works of art.


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