Monday, September 6, 2010

The Look And Feel Of Chenille

There are some fabrics that evoke the memories of childhood, for me it would have to be Chenille. Back in the day didn't every little girl have some Chenille in her room? Chenille Bedspreads, Pillows and Rugs of every sort graced my room in childhood... they came in such a vast array of designs and colors and they felt so luxurious and looked so decadent in my young mind, like a Fairy Tale scene.

So is it any wonder that over half a century later I'm still enamored with the look and feel of Chenille!? I don't have many pieces... not many are in a reasonable price range anymore when you can find them, as they seem to still be on the minds and Hearts of many a grown up girl having a case of nostalgia. *wink* And so many didn't survive the ravages of time in their original form, so they've been repurposed into a vast array of Artistic endeavors. Bedspreads seem to have fared the worst fate over time... threadbare from years of use, cases of Chenille baldness abound, discoloration of the lighter versions, holes and fraying of edges. So imagine my excitement when I walk into a 'Value Village' Thrift Store and lo and behold here sits a strikingly preserved example of one of my favorite Chenille scenes of 'Flower Basket' still in pristine Whites and vivid girly bright colors of Pinks, Purples, Greens and Yellows!!! *be still my beating Heart* Big enough no less to fit our Queen sized bed... and the price... a mere $12!! *squeal of delight and good fortune*

So, I'm quickly photographing it before Grandkids and Cat descend upon it and risk spoiling the pristine beauty of someone else's years of loving care. *le sigh* I used to think I'd be able to make our room off-limits... but cuddling with Grandkids and my 20+ year old Cat, Rat Boy, is just too precious and delightful a daily Joy to forego for the sake of a pristine decor in the boudoir... at least for this Gramma and Grandpy. I'm not a pristine housekeeper anyway, as I've confessed before. There's usually enough organized chaos going on at the ole Homestead that my photo ops have to be carefully orchestrated to avoid disclosure of the less than photo op condition of the place *gasp* yep, it's twue. The Romantic inspired Mags aren't likely to profile such a regular Home as ours, but I must say, Blogging has made me SOMEWHAT more accountable to sprucing up areas prior to photographing them *tee hee*... isn't it amazing how a photo seems to magnify dust, clutter or untidiness to epic proportions!!?!?! *LOL* Hence, you're not getting any wide angle shots of said Chenille Bedspread *smiles* because I just didn't have it in me to do a 'Merry Maids' deep clean of the entire Boudoir for a few photos this Morning.... and Rat Boy was already eye-balling the new spread... you know how Cats adore breaking in anything different and new in the Home by languishing and rolling around on it *wink*... and the Grandkids will be Home this afternoon... and you know how Children have a lot of Cat-like habits of also adoring breaking in anything different and new by languishing and rolling around on it! *LOL* Okay, so I have to confess that I too broke it in after snapping a few shots by languishing and rolling around on it... some things and habits you just never outgrow completely... Dawn... The Bohemian

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