Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pearls And Lace Thursday

It's Pearl's And Lace Thursday hosted by Faith, Grace And Crafts and finding Lace to share is a cinch for me since I've had a love affair with Lace from as far back as I can remember.  Aside from Velvet it is one of my favorite of fabrics and so my stash of Antique and Vintage Laces borders on obsessive.  The intricate patterns of Lace as an Art form are truly amazing and the History of Lace is fascinating.  Even damaged pieces don't lose their allure and I've repurposed many scraps of beautiful old damaged Lace pieces into new Art forms or simply draped them around the Home in ways that serve purpose while showcasing their delicate beauty.  If a lovely piece of old Lace becomes discolored or stained over time then it can simply be revitalized by Tea Staining it or RIT dying it a favorite new shade... or as I've found living in a perpetually hot and sunny climate, sprinkle some Salt and Lemon Juice on the discolored area, lay it in the Sun and watch Mother Nature do her work to renew a brilliance to it that it once had.

Most modern Lace is likely machine made now, but the older pieces were very often hand made and an Art that really showcased an Artist's creativity and talents at creating stunning Masterpieces that look so delicate and fragile... and yet, very often stood the test of time and had the strength and resilience to endure and be enjoyed for generations. There aren't many fabrics that evoke the true essence of Femininity quite like Lace... and when decked out in Lacy attire or surrounded by a sea of Lace a Woman can't help but feel like a Lady.  Lace speaks of Romance and the soft, gentle side of Women... it is sexy and yet classy.   Coupled with Pearls I'd have to say that it's a match made in Heaven... Pearls And Lace... one that I can't seem to get enough of... and so my Collection of both continues to grow...  and my Love Affair with each never loses it's Passion... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn! Thank you so much for joining me this week! I love your curtains of gorgeous lace! I really need to get out my pieces and see what I can do with it all...maybe tomorrow!

  2. Oh you have such a beautiful blog! I'am gone change my blog I think with the header, more gypsy.Altough my picture now is really so the gypsy people lived in the South of France and was painted by van Gogh. I like the old wooden banisters,you know it 's normal here when the paint is weared's french charme!

    regards Janny from sunny France now.


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