Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quirky Treasure

I freely admit it, I adore quirky and bizaare Treasures too.  I can definitely be an 'Addams Family' type of Gal because the unusual does intrigue me.  I found a splendid quirky Treasure this week at the 'Goodwill' , just in time for Halloween, the one time of the year when the bizaare and quirky is almost acceptable decor to even the most traditional tastes and sensibilities. *wink*  Not that I'm of the more traditional camp... but it won't look quite so odd having pride of place in my decor this time of year. *Smiles*  It was a Hand shaped Glass Bottle!!!  How cool is that!?!?!?!   With a Green lid, which was perfect since I intended to put Green food colored Water in it when I got home and put it with my other Halloween Potions on the Fireplace Mantle... you know, right next to the Spider's Venom, Red Blood and Embalming Juice decanters. *LOL*

Yes, the quirky and bizaare Treasures are so much fun... and for those of us who are still big kids at Heart, they can be some of the most Magical of Treasures that we add to our collections of Found Objects that we adore and surround ourselves with.  Not that I was particularly looking for or seeking a Green Hand Glass Bottle for this year's Halloween Potions... but it sure was cool to come across one and 'score' it... the Grandkids thought it was over-the-top fabulous and I just LOVE it too... Dawn... The Bohemian

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