Monday, September 20, 2010

The Two Sides Of Me

The changing of the Seasons gives me a chance to indulge the two very different and distinct sides of me. They could very easily war with one another over which would dominate our Home and decorating style if I didn't allow each of them their Season to be showcased and bask in the different atmosphere each creates, the particular vibe each evokes.

In Spring and Summer I allow the Romantic and Shabby Chic side to emerge... with it's Pastels and shades of White, delicate Florals, Crystal, Lace, Satin, Architectural Victorian Salvage, Romantic Light Feminine side of my personality. It is a style that I only evolved into within the past 15 years and showed preferences for in what I chose to collect and display... it was a side of me that must have laid dormant for many years and I've enjoyed discovering this side of myself and allowing it to flourish and further evolve. I'm fortunate that The Man is confident and comfortable enough with his Masculinity and makes my happiness at decorating in any style a priority in the domain of the Home. He doesn't mind and even encourages me in the Artistic freedom to decorate our Home in any style that pleases me, even when it's overtly Feminine or in tune with my particular Ethnicity. I've had many a Friend lament that they wish they could bring more Femininity or Bohemian Gypsy Chic into their living space if only they had a Man that didn't care how they feathered the nest, protest or resist that atmosphere to be present in their Home.

In the Autumn and Winter I allow the true Gypsy Bohemian side of me to emerge... with it's rich Colors and textures of Old World Fabrics from Belgium, France, the Middle East and Gaelic regions of Great Britain. This is the side of me that I've ALWAYS had, from as far back as I can remember... and so I must say, it is the ambiance I'm most comfortable with deep in my Soul and is very much who I am at my core... even when I explore other sides of my Artistic expression and decorating styles. I do adore my fabric Collections, especially my Belgian Cut Velvets, French Brocades and Algerian Tapestries. The Jewel tones have now developed a faded elegance over the many years, only getting better with age... and the feel of them, is divine! My quirkier Ethnic pieces come out, most are Family Heirlooms passed down for generations and cherished by each successive keeper of the Family past. Rich fabrics are draped and hung everywhere, reminiscent of a Gypsy or Bedouin encampment... I'd literally cover the walls, floors and ceilings with rich European fabrics, Tapestries, Antique Lace and Exotic vintage Persian Carpets if I could! I hang my Carpet Bags as Art in each room... many are my own creations... many others are my beloved Magnolia Pearl Carpet Bags and Mary Poppins Bags. I scatter my Bohemian Jewelry about and hang Antique Rosaries and strands of various colored Pearls and Victorian Sashes on all the Statuaries.

Today I did some of the switching out of the fabrics... from the Romantic and Shabby... and the Retro Vintage Table Linens... to the Gypsy Bohemian Chic of my Belgian Cut Velvets. I played with the Centerpiece decision on the Diningroom Table... should I go with the Marigold Carnival Glass Pitcher... the Floral Urn Shaped rescued Lamp Base... or the Floral China Pitcher??? No worries... I like them all so I'll very likely rotate them weekly... and even come up with something else in the interim. *wink* Yes, I'm a person of contradictions of Style and there are the two sides of me that dominate my World... and many other sides of me that sneak out from time to time and make their appearance in Artistic expression... after all... Variety IS the Spice of Life... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn...just stopping by to say a quick hello! I hope all is well and it looks like to you are doing a bit of switching out for the seasons. I LOVE you chandelier!!! :)

    Have a wonderful week!


  2. Hi Dawn, I too love shabby chic, and also love the rich colors of the cut velvet's. My husband also doesn't care how I decorate our home, as long as I leave his Den alone, so that works for me! Hope you have a wonderful week....Blessings~~~ Daphne


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