Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey, Remember When...

You never really know what will become a sought after collectible in the future if you just gauge it's present day value as the measure of it's future worth and popularity...

Sure I know I'll be dating myself with these flashbacks to the past *wink* but, hey, remember when... Jadeite was given away at gas stations with a fill-up? Carnival Glass was won at... yes, you guessed it... Carnivals!!! When today's desirable Americana Pottery such as Yellow Ware, Crockery, Jugs and Gramma's Old Mixing Bowls were just utilitarian items that very little actual value was placed upon and some of it wasn't even meant to be kept after the contents were gone?!? When Fiesta Ware and Depression Glass were the Poor Man's table Settings because they were made cheaply and affordable during a time when luxury items were out of reach to the average Joe??!
Yes, there are times I'm amazed myself at the items that when I was a child nobody placed much, if any, value upon and today we're scrambling to acquire them and beat other collectors to those coveted pieces for our own collections. Values have soared on those items that are in high demand and popular collectibles of today. So, it makes me wonder... what will be the coveted collectible items of tomorrow? Are they presently abundant in our homes and yet, because we place little value upon them now, we probably won't hold onto them and then we... or our Children and Grandchildren, will kick ourselves for parting with them???!!! Or our decendants will just fall in love in the future with those items that bring cherished memories of their childhoods and bygone days... and be Treasure Hunting and Junquing for them in the future for nostalgic reasons?
So this post is for all those "future" items that will be bringing the thrill of the Hunt to many in the future... Hopefully they'll have as much fun at it as we are having today... and their 'scores' and 'deals' will bring that adrenalin Rush that only a Treasure Hunter and Keeper Of The Past can't live without and thrives upon... Dawn ... The Bohemian

Friday, July 30, 2010

Admiring Each Others Lovelies

Pull up a seat... we've got some Lovelies to show you...

Definitely want some of these Bottles with Crystal Artsy Stoppers!!!

Pauline's Pretty Pillow 'score'...
Pauline's Pillows... I'm getting inspired just beholding them!!!

Pauline's divine Mink And Madonna Bag...

I want this fabulous Pave Paste Necklace...

I could definitely use a bunch of these fabulous storage boxes!!!!!!!!!

AND... I especially want this!!!!!!!!!! Lust... Lust... Lust

Lustfest at "Cottage Garden 2" in Glendale, AZ

Is there anything better than like-minded Gals getting together to admire each others Lovelies? I think not. Pauline of 'Cottage Garden 2' had called me today after admiring my door collection on yesterday's post... she'd brought in some of her Lovelies to show me so I loaded up the Grandkids and off we went. Admiring each others Lovelies is as much fun to me as hunting for them and acquiring them. There's always local Artists stopping in to showcase their talents and Treasures too, and today was no exception... I was having myself a virtual lustfest of epic proportions and it was a delight to see so many beautiful pieces... even those that are not for sale and are treasured possessions of their owners.
There is THE Bracelet Cuff... lust... lust... lust... which IS for sale and is definitely in the running for this year's Birthday wish list items. There's a host of other Lovelies on the laundry list of wanna-have-someday items... *le sigh* But even window shopping and the admiring of each others Lovelies keeps Treasure Hunting Withdrawals at bay. *Smiles* Yes, I don't always have to 'score' for it to be gratifying and fun for me. I knew this would be a time of serious prioritizing and personal sacrifice, as the Grandkids will be starting School in a week and there's the usual expenses of educating the next generation, an investment that pays dividends like no other... We met with the wee one's 'Head Start' Teachers this morning, who did a Home visit making it much easier on Gramma and introducing her in her element and comfort zone, which is nice. She actually starts School on my Birthday, what a great present to have such a milestone on my special day! She's so excited to be starting School in preparation for Kindergarten next year... and we meet with her older Brother's 5th Grade Teacher next week, he starts School this year on his Birthday... how ironic is that?!? They're growing up so fast!!! And as excited as THEY are about starting School, it pales in comparison to how excited Gramma is!!!!!! *wink* Yep, from 7:30 am to 11:00 am Monday through Friday starting on MY BIRTHDAY I'll have some "me time" *contented sigh* ... as much as I luv em it takes a fair amount out of me at this Season of life to be raising little ones. AND... it means extra time to... yes... TREASURE HUNT and hit the Flea Markets, Thrift Stores, Tag Sales and Antique/Boutique Districts!!!

So... on my mark... get set... and on August 16th... GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... Dawn ... The Bohemian

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Preoccupation With Old Doors And Windows

*Beautiful Entryway photos of Italy, Morocco and Provence cribbed from Bing Images*

I have a preoccupation with old doors... I just adore them, including the old hardware on them. I have rarely passed up the opportunity to procure an old Salvage door, much to the chagrin of The Man. *smiles* This ole' house came with many beautiful old doors and original hardware, including outbuildings full of Salvaged ones... perhaps the previous Owner also had the same preoccupation with them? *wink* I was delighted of coarse to inherit someone else's old door collection, not that it stopped me from dragging home even more however. *LOL* The intricate details of some of the old doors, escutcheons and doorknobs are truly works of Art. I've finally been able to find the key to my storage Cottage to share with you some of the favorite old Doors I've collected and as yet have not repurposed into Architectural details of this ole' House... but I will... including the beautiful carved Oak "Birthday Door" with Glass Amethyst Knobs that I pleaded with The Man to get as my present last year... *smiles* Yep, I'm that crazy Lady that asked for an old Door for her Birthday gift... which only shows how deep my preoccupation goes! *wink*

Doors are the entryways into each Building... each Home... each Business... they are the very first impression and encounter we have with a structure and entryways can make a distinctive impression on what lies within. Is it welcoming, inviting, quaint, interesting, lovely, fascinating, intriguing or just functional? Haven't you seen doors and entryways that made you just wonder and imagine what was on the other side? When in Europe I loved the older parts of town where the doors and entryways were like works of Art and so very beautiful and such care taken to make them look special. I just knew that what lay behind those doors on the inside must be equally as special since the entrance to it was so captivating. Even old abandoned houses can have entryways and doors that make me want to explore the interiors and see for myself what is on the other side.

To wonder about all the people who have passed through an old door over the years and know that you're now tracing their footsteps as you enter or exit is a profound thought. And I have found that buildings and Homes with fascinating entryways and doors typically also have captivating windows as well... dressed up in a way that invites a brief glimpse of what the interior holds. A couple of my favorite prints are of fascinating and beautiful old windows, I imagine them to be in Provence, though I don't know for certain. Framed by beautiful old time and weather worn shutters, gracefully aged walls and Ivy or windowsills of potted plants with a pop of bold color and Lace curtains. I could photograph enough doorways, entryways and windows of old Homes that intrigue me to fill several albums and I love to walk through Historic neighborhoods just to see the endless variety of them.

What does your entryway say about your Home and about you? What was the most memorable doorway you passed through and why did it make such a profound impression upon you? As the eyes are the windows to the Soul, so the entryways to our Homes and how we feather our nests reveal more about us than we may know... may our doorways welcome people into our Homes and lives and not just be a means to shut the world out... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saris and Sarsaparilla

I love East Indian Saris and the fabulous materials they're made of... to me they are some of the most exotic, elegant and flattering Women's fashions ever designed. Coupled with the beautiful Art form of Mendhi and East Indian Bling and Bangles I find it to be truly mezmerizing and captivating... as well as fun to wear and cool in hot climates, which is definitely a plus here in the scorching Arizona Desert. *photos of the beautiful Mendhi cribbed from Bing Images* How can you NOT feel beautiful when wearing such silky, flowing and lushly embroidered and elaborately silk screened fabrics, striking Bling and Body Art? Whenever I find a gorgeous Sari on one of my Treasure hunting forrays I snap it up, regardless of the size. If it fits, I'll wear it, if not I'll let one of my dressmaking forms wear it as a backdrop to my Art... or just hang it as a piece of Art. Or utilize just the Scarves of each set to wear in a variety of ways. I've got a Belly Dancing and Body Art kit that are a lot of fun too *wink*... I wonder... is there any Man that doesn't find that sexy and a fantasy come alive? *LOL* Now, I'm not saying I'm adept at performing the Dance Of The Seven Veils *wink*, but I'd sure like to be!!! And what a good workout... who says working out can't also be fun?! *smiles* Yes, I love Saris as much as I do my Gypsy Skirts and Magnolia Pearl Bloomers.

I love my Sarsaparilla too... it reminds me of the Old West... when Cowboys sidled up to the Bar and asked for one. As a child I rememeber thinking just the name Sarsaparilla sounded like something I'd want to try... who knew it was such a delightful Root Beer tasting beverage and not some forbidden fruit I'd have to wait to embibe?! *smiles* It's not easy to come across so when I can get some I have a virtual Sarsaparilla-fest... and the bottles are so nice I keep a few to use as rustic vases for sprigs of fresh flowering Herbs like Basils and Mints or a few Meadow Wildflowers or Daisies.

A taste of the exotic and experiencing other cultures in various ways is a delight to me, one that I try to incorporate daily into my life experience and to expose my Children and Grandchildren to also. You never really know what you will come to embrace and adopt until you try it... so try something out of the ordinary today, something exotic and cultural beyond that which you have already enjoyed up to this point in your life... you'll be glad you did... it will broaden your horizons and expand your life experiences... and come back and tell me what you think and share your story... because living it and being able to tell about it is even better than reading about it... Dawn ... The Bohemian

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Queen Of Quirky

I like things that are different, people that are different, styles that are different... I'm rather a Queen of quirky and we've been known to have eclectic tastes in the Family. I'll be drawn to the unusual... wind chimes made of old Cattle Tags, a Crucifix lovingly made of matchsticks and then doused with glitter, distinctive and over-the-top Art, Fountains made of interesting or everyday items, finding Art in the most unlikely of places. I like to strike up conversations with people that are interesting and different, they usually have the best stories to tell and have done some of the most fascinating things in their lives. Living creatively is as fascinating to me as creating objects... and if you've lived a most interesting and unusual life I'd definitely want to sit down, pour us some Tea, and have you tell me your story.

We like to dress up in old Silk Kimonas, which we'll hang up right beside the new exercise equipment *LOL*, you remember the Addam's Family House... well, ours can be as quirky. We sport face paintings or Mendhi without inhibition... I'll wear Silk or Lacy Slips and Camisoles as outerwear... I enjoy jewelry that is very creative and flashy with such things as antique drawer pulls and old pocket watch parts mixed with Pearls. The Designers I enjoy most and have a preference for wearing always have a distinctive point of view. My comfort level is often found in those things that are unique and unusual, sameness absolutely bores me and I am rarely inspired by or interested in the common, the mass produced and the fads. Quirky may not always been understood or appreciated, but its never boring. Variety is the spice of life and has been my Mantra for years. If there is something that most people would find as an oddity I'll probably like it... and am even more likely to want to have it... or I might already have one! *wink*

If you've been inhibited about daring to be different, even if it is inside of you and dying to get out, I challenge you to throw those inhibitions aside and live the life you were meant to enjoy... quirks and all!!! You'll be so much happier and content to be 'real' rather than conforming to what you have been stifling yourself to live out in a mere facade of who you are presenting to the world... in order to fit in, blend in or go along... Go ahead, dare to step out, be different and celebrate who you truly are from the inside out ... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl