Friday, December 31, 2010

As A New Year Unfolds

The story behind this unopened bottle is that it was given as a gift to my Parents many years ago... they didn't drink so they graciously received it and because it was so beautifully packaged they just displayed it.  It has been around a very long time and when they gave it to me I never had the Heart to open it and drink it, so I've continued to display this beautifully packaged bottle of Champagne... or Wine... I'm really not even sure what's inside (???) and one day I shall probably pass it along to one of our grown Children or grown Grandchildren... whether they choose to drink it or continue to display it unopened matters not... I Hope they will appreciate the beautiful packaging as much as past generations have.  And today I decided to include it in Cindy's Show And Tell Friday at "My Romantic Home"  it would be fun if you join us and share something to show and tell from your Home...

                                                       Image cribbed from Kriyayoga

As another New Year unfolds I tend to get contemplative just prior to the start of every New Year.  I think back upon this Year that is coming to a close and decide what I want to carry through to this New Year and what I want to leave behind. I have  also been reflecting upon my experiences since beginning the Blogland adventure in July... and I'm LOVING every minutes of it.  The exposure to this community of wonderful, generous people and the sharing of ideas, creative energy and lovelies has been so enriching and I'm glad I dived in and became a participant and not just a spectator on this grand Journey of Journaling online. I'm not big on New Year's resolutions because I'm a work in progress every day of the year, so I don't set aside one particular day to try to change everything I might seek improvement upon and Hope for change in.  But a New Year is a fresh start, a starting point if you will to wipe the slate clean, regroup and move forward with those Hopes, desires, attitudes, dreams, visions and improvements we are seeking in our lives, that perhaps did not manifest in the previous Year for whatever the reasons.  A New Year can be a new beginning of many things as well as the end of those things that we no longer wish to carry forward and through into yet another Year. And as the glittery Ball drops on Times Square I imagine that we have similar glittery visions and dreams in the palms of our own hands. Tiny little glimmerings of the seeds we will sow into the future, and if we cultivate and tend to them properly they will grow into the Harvest that we envisioned and reap the fruits of our labor.  And in the most abundant of Harvests we can share our bounty with others freely... and sow glittering seeds of Hope and future Blessings into the lives of others so that they may have a future bright with Promise and continue the cycle rich in beautiful reciprocity... Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

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And, because these Blog Parties are so much fun I am also joining Courtney over at "French Country Cottage" for Feathered Nest Friday for the very first time... these parties are a great way to discover new favorite Blogs and meet new Friends, so join me there as I hop from Party to Party as we ring in the New Year! *wink*

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What Images Do You Find Most Inspiring?

Image purchased by me from Etsy of an Antique French Postcard
Image from Unknown Source
Image from E-Bay
Image from E-Bay
Image from Frilly Frocks
Image from Unknown Source

                                                          Image from Gypsy Moon
                                               Image and cuff creation from Gypsy Moon
Image and cuff creation from Gypsy Moon
Image of Jesus from Magnolia Pearl
Image from Unknown Source
Image from a Bohemian decorating site
Image from the interior of a Magnolia Pearl Bag
Image from Beautiful Life Photography
Image from A Fanciful Twist Blog
Art by Romany Soup
Image from Magnolia Pearl
Image from Bing Images of an Unknown location

I am an extremely visual person by nature... images that I adore and am drawn to often provide endless inspiration for living and for my Art.  What I love most about the Internet is that it has greatly expanded what images I'm exposed to... lets face it, in daily life there are limits as to what we actually see and have direct exposure to and can be inspired by.  I always loved Books and I still do, because they transported me to places on the canvas of my imagination that I may never actually get to or experience in this lifetime.  The Internet has provided a vast canvas of imagery that I can now paint on the canvas of my own imagination and provide so much more inspiration than I ever thought possible.  I want to thank each and every person who has shared their images online ever, you never really know how you will touch and transform the lives of others through your images.  I could never show you every image that has ever inspired me... but here are just a  few images of what typically inspires me on any given day: All of the images above have been cribbed from various shared online images on sites such as "Beautiful Life Photography", "The Art of Romany Soup", "Fanciful Twist", "Magnolia Pearl", "Frilly Frocks", "Gypsy Moon", "Bing", "E-Bay" and some I no longer remember... as well as the magnificent Peacock Image I purchased from Etsy.   When I want to have sensory overload or inspiration all I need do is Google a particular image that delights me or visit favorite Blogs and Shop sites.   In my World of adoring and sharing lush Vintage Fabrics, Bohemian Life, Flowers, Peacocks, Gypsy Vardos, Vintage and Antique Bohemian Bling, Art, decorating, old Architecture, Treasure Hunting, Salvage, Junquing, Persian Style Rugs, Flea Markets, Crystal Chandeliers, wearable Art, Mendhi, Faith, Family and God... I can now share a bit of my World and connect with a bit of yours.   Never before has it been so convenient to be inspired and exposed to whatever lays outside of our own little World and connect with others worldwide who may share our passions, our dreams, our lifestyle, our interests... or whose lives, passions, dreams, lifestyle and interests are vastly different from our own .  What images do you find most inspiring my Friends?  What do you enjoy sharing most of those bits of your life, world and lifestyle?  How has connecting to the vast community in cyberspace enlarged your vision, your exposure, your creations, your dreams?  I know that it has done a great deal to enlarge all of the above in me... and my Hope is that it has done the same for you... and that 2011 will be all that you Hope and envision it to be in your own little corner of the World... Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

*I apologize if I failed to acknowledge a credit to any of the amazing images in this Post that have provided inspiration and the joy of experiencing online. If the source is listed as Unknown by me, and you know who to credit, please let me know! - Dawn* 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bohemian Elegance - Artie Coloring Outside The Lines

I'm in love again with a Space decorated in the ultimate of Bohemian Elegance, I could live outside indefinitely with a setup like this on my property, you would have to bribe me to get me back inside! *wink*  Normally I try to limit my OCD self to just one Post a day so that I don't bury you all in an avalanche of Blog Journal entries that spill out of my head and into my Blog. *LOL*  But I just couldn't wait to share this one and it speaks for itself why!!!!!!!! I realize the Bohemian themed Posts are the most popular ones and the ones nearest and dearest to my own Heart... so this one will probably put you in a Bohemian inspired Trance too!?  I just discovered a Blog by an AMAZING Designer named Artie called Color Outside The Lines and here is just a tiny sampling of his talents!!! *swoonfest of epic proportions*  *ALL IMAGES CRIBBED FROM ARTIE'S BLOG 'COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES'*  If this inspired you even half as much as it wowed and inspired me... and believe me, there is MORE, MUCH MORE... you simply have to pay his site a visit my Friends!!!  I wonder if I were in the presence of someone with this much vision for decorating... if perhaps some would rub off? *Smiles*  If I had a personal Genie it would be someone like Artie and dining Alfresco would reach a whole new level at this Ole House!  Simplicity and elegance at it's best, you can be certain I'll be replicating something as fabulous as this on my property and transporting myself to Bohemian Valhalla.  I'm thankful for the Designers who Blog and share their talents with the Blog World... it inspires me to enlarge my own vision for decorating and Art... to seek out those Treasures that will enhance a living space or a vignette in those ways that Wow me and I want to surround myself with on a daily basis... Thanks Artie for transporting me this day, at least on the canvas of my imagination, to a beautiful Bohemian Tent Dinner Party. It made an unusually dreary, cold, rainy day here in the Arizona Desert today bearable. The rich colors of your Spring Tent Party photos reminded me of our usual warmth and Sunshine. Which is just what I needed since I'm addicted to bright Sunny days and year round outdoor living after many decades of being spoiled by the typical Arizona warmth and Sunshine we become so accustomed to and can too easily take for granted throughout the year.   And being a Bohemian Spirit, the best of Outdoor Living and portable fabulous abodes that can be set up anywhere my wanderlust takes me, is what it's all about for me... Dawn... The Bohemian

And now for WHITE WEDNESDAY #80

                                                                  This was my entry...

                    Which then led to sharing more colorful Gifts I also received... *wink*

Be sure to join me as I also link up with Faded Charm's White Wednesday #80... in my colorful life it's very difficult for me to find a whole lotta White without color creeping in *wink* but naturally this gave me the PERFECT opportunity to once again share THE TOP that I received for Christmas, which is in shades of White and Cream *smiles*... and well, that led to the other more colorful sharing of other Christmas Gifts I'm delighted about... *LOL*

Swooning Over Broken China...

Imagine if you will, a beautiful piece of China, that meets with an unfortunate accident and becomes broken, shattered, damaged beyond repair!   What to do?!?  Well, many amazing Artists are now repurposing such pieces of tragic scenarious into something beautiful again, in the form of Broken China Jewelry Art... Vanity Mirrors... and whatever other visions they have imaginings for salvaging the fragments of beautiful broken China and giving it a new life.   I swoon over these broken China pieces, each so unique and lovely... some have been married to pieces of orphaned Silverware to form unique Bracelets... other pieces incorporate the delicate China flowers from damaged pieces they once graced.  There are unique scenes that have been salvaged and now become the focal point of fabulously designed wearable Art.  And then there are those Mosaic Art pieces that can transform broken China into coverings for just about anything you can imagine... from furniture to flowerpots, from suitcases to silverware.   Yes, broken China no longer has to be discarded once it is no longer in it's original form, the damaged pieces can now be resurrected... because to the creative Spirit and the Artist it can now become a new creation, to be cherished and enjoyed once again... Dawn... The Bohemian 

*All pieces of Jewelry shown are for sale at Cottage Garden 2 in Glendale, AZ... Mosaic Suitcase privately owned by a Friend*
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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