Tuesday, January 11, 2011

12 Random Things About Me

As I mourn the loss of the MP Belt at Auction yesterday *I hate when you lose in the last few seconds, such a letdown... le sigh*... I decided I needed to focus on something fun and lighthearted... I saw this Trivia Share in some other Posts and thought it was fun so here goes:

12 Random Things About Me

1.  The 1st Art someone collected of mine was in Junior High School, a History Teacher asked for a collection of portraits I'd drawn of important Native American Indian Chiefs.  Wonder sometimes if he still has them?

2.  Pencil drawings, Portraits and Jewelry Design were my first Artistic loves, I didn't attempt Fabric Art until I was over 50... it has now become my favorite form of Artistic expression. 

3.  I spent my Corporate Careers in fields of Real Estate Law and Criminal Law.  But my Heart was being an Artist and has always been my primary passion, I'm Blessed to be able to do it almost full time now.

4.  I don't like the number 4... strange, but true.

5.  I always wanted Brown eyes... all of my Children have Brown eyes.

6.  I met my Husband "The Man" on a Super Bowl Sunday.

7.  Living in a Hippie Commune has always appealed to me... my Parents were relieved I didn't act upon that desire. *Smiles*  I wonder if there will be Retirement Hippie Communes for all us Bohemian Baby Boomers in the future?

8.  I have always had an unusual sense of style... in my teens I often wore Turbans, embroidered Dashikis from Africa or East Indian embroidered Velvet Tunics.  My room always looked like a scene from Marrakesh.

9.  I have always made Life Goals and those I set for myself career-wise, however lofty, I managed to accomplish and maintain.  The one Goal I have accomplished and yet not managed to maintain involves weight loss. *le sigh*  For a tenacious person like myself, I'm not prone to settling for less than I want or expect, so the scales and I have gone a LOT of rounds and I'm determined to have the Victory or die trying! *theme from ROCKY playing... LOL*

10.  My strongest desire at this Season of Life is to visit Bora-Bora.

11.  My favorite foods are Vietnamese cuisine.

12.  We traveled extensively when I was growing up, when I was under the age of five I spoke five languages fluently.  Now I only speak English fluently. *LOL*

If you'd like to also participate in this fun revealing of random things about yourself, let me know, I'd like to visit the Post and learn more about you too!
Dawn... The Bohemian 

*Image of  Marrakesh Market cribbed from Bing Images*


  1. Wow so interesting! And five languages? That is amazing. I love that little box you posted. Did you make it? Sorry you didn't win the belt. Maybe there will be another one even nicer in your future:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. love your post....it is always nice to find out other information about a person...and I so agree 5 languages is amazing!

    Sorry about you missing out on MP's belt..her work is amazing.

    xoox Happy midweek to you.

  3. Oh yes I wanted to be a hippie too. Is it to late at age 55?
    I agree also I am more of a rust than a chrome type of gal.
    Fun blog you have here.


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