Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Elephant In The Room

You've probably heard the saying 'The Elephant In The Room'... well, this guy actually has one!  This is the fabulous Home of Jawad Kadiri in Morocco. One of my favorite Bohemian style Blogs is My Marrakesh written by an American, Maryam, living in Morocco... you should visit her site if you want an overload of Bohemian oppulence and style with some great stories of a Gal who is living her dream and a most fascinating life.  Just click on the name of her Blog above and it will link you directly.  This is just a small sampling of the eye candy you will behold as she takes us to a Party at Jawad's Home... *all images cribbed from Maryam's Blog Post*... I hadn't intended to post about Elephants... but these images just captivated me!  I've never visited Morocco *it's on the Bucket List*, but my Parents had a wealth of Algerian decor from when we lived in France and I grew up around it and inherited some favorite pieces, so the North African styles of Morocco and Algeria very much appeal to my sensibilities and taste... the vibrant rich saturated colors... the Architectural styles which have so much detailing... fabulously decorated tiles... and beautiful shapes such as the sculptural arches that I absolutely adore!! And the light fixtures!!! *swooning*  So allow Maryam to take you to some amazing parties and events through her Posts... and blow you away with the visuals of a lifestyle that is very much Boheme'...   Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Hey girl thanks for stopping by! I had to pull the new box of MP because the post was doing weird things because of the photos! I'm trying to do a new one now, please check back!!-cindy

  2. I can't wait to visit this blog and DReAm! I was just at my daughter's and see had a TV guide of a new show, I do not remember the name, but the studio has been decorated with Boho-Indian style to re-create the space they are supposed to live in and it was BeaUtIfuL!

    Many thanks again for all you share and by blog visit!
    Smiles, Cyndi

  3. I've always wanted to go to Morocco. I love to watch House Hunters International, and some of my favorite episodes have been those of people buying homes in marrakech, The architecture is so beautiful exotic and interesting! I'll be visiting My Marrakech straight away!Oh I wish that "elephant in the room" was in MY room! *winks* Vanna


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