Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Even More MLK Holiday Weekend Treasures...

I know, I know... as we continue our quest for even more MLK Holiday Weekend Treasures at THE BRASS ARMADILLO ANTIQUE MALL in Phoenix, I see that I'm gravitating towards and lingering at all of the things I like and perhaps I've missed some of the Treasures that cause you to feel dizzy and swoon?  So what exactly do you like my Friends?  What is at the tops of your Wish Lists... what type of discoveries would you consider the Sweet Spot of Picking or Treasure Hunter's Valhalla?  You can clearly see what excites me... even if I'm not buying, window shopping and beholding such items as Vintage Linens and Material, Architectural Salvage, Vintage and Retro Kitchen items, time worn elements aged to perfection, Bohemian Bling and exotic decor is Bohemian Valhalla for me!!!  So, what would you like to see more of when we go Treasure Hunting together? If you let me know I'll keep a lookout... and we might just find it on our next adventure... and isn't the thrill of the Hunt just as exciting, just as much enjoyment as finding that special something?  I think so... because isn't that what keeps us coming back... again and again??? ... Dawn... The Bohemian

Stay tuned... in tomorrow's Post... 'My Scores'!  Yes, there were some items that tempted me almost beyond restraint... but I didn't cave, I satisfied my urge by merely fondling, admiring and photographing the lovelies I passed on this day... I stayed true to my task at hand... in the quest for what I was seeking... and ultimately FOUND!!!

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