Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FINALLY... My Weekend 'Score'

Okay I've kept you waiting long enough so now I'll brag about ... ummmm, I mean share, my Holiday Weekend 'Score' *drumroll please - LOL*:

1:  The Austrian Brooch with Blue Stones was only $7.99, I plan on making it into a custom necklace.

2:  The Cameo Pin with Floral carving on an ornate Filigree Brass Finding is 2.5 inches and was $19.99.  Quite a bit more than I'd usually spring, but I absolutely loved it and was exactly what I was seeking in my primary Mission, pieces to design custom Jewelry around...  I plan on making it into a custom Bracelet.

3:  The Vintage Brass Shoe Clip was $10, I plan on making it into a custom Necklace.

4:  The Bohemian Bling Vintage Stretch Metal Bracelet has Marquise and Baguette cut Rhinestones with well matched Pearls, the stretch mechanism is the old style all-Metal type that I haven't seen in years, spring loaded... and it was only $7!

5:  And finally, my favorite find is a large Antique Bohemian style Sewing Bag made of Bronze Silk and Floral Silk Velvet, with Antique Metallic Trims and two Tassels... inside it's lined with more floral Silk Velvet and Gold colored Linen.  Both sides are matched and the wooden handles are covered in Beige Velvet and Antique Metallic Trim.  I had seen it several months ago listed for $18... I wanted it as an Inspiration Sample Pattern to design some of my Bohemian Treasures Bags in an authentic Vintage-look, but because of condition issues *Silk does not age well* I didn't want to pay that much... well, it had been marked down several times and now was a mere $2!  Yep, two bucks!!!  It is delicate, but with loving care it should provide inspiration and pattern ideas for years and at that price... who cares about age related condition issues! *wink*

The bottom line peeps, is that if you Love it, you can't go wrong in buying it... whether at an unbelievable bargain, or not so much of a one... because after all, remember that something is only really worth what someone is willing to pay for it... Happy Hunting... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Good deals my friend! That blue is gorgeous! I'm shocked you didn't snap that last on up at any price..It's sooo you!! I hope you'll share your finished projects with us. And if you happen to have any rosaries you want to part with? Think ME ok? *winks* I posted a picture just for you on my blog... Vanna

  2. You SUCK, I mean you are so very lucky to have found such lovely pieces at such wonderful prices...
    Come on over to my blog and see my giveaway!

  3. Ha!! I love Divine's comment.. pretty much what I was totally scored!

  4. I'm laughing too over Devine's comment! HA! But you really did get an awesome deal on that gorgeous blue!!! Lovely items and thanks so much for joining me for Pearls and Lace Thursday! You're blog is so fun!!
    Blessings, Doni


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