Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gypsy Inspiration

                       Image cribbed from the Art of Brian Pulido
Image cribbed from the fashions of Gypsy Moon
     Image of Robin Brown cribbed from Magnolia Pearl's Book

Image of French Holy Water Font cribbed from E-Bay

Image cribbed from a Wedding by David Tutera

                                                    Image cribbed from Bing Images

I am an extremely visual person... and so beautiful images, of what I find to be beauty, inspire me like nothing else.  These are just a sampling of beautiful Bohemian Gypsy Style images that I find enchanting. Some are from favorite Artists and Designers that I adore the work of... others are simply photographs of objects that I found equally inspiring.  I believe we should surround ourselves with whatever we find to be beautiful and inspiring, being true to ourselves rather than the followers of trends and fads.  When I think of a trend or fad I tend to ask, "Who are you?", because quite often the Heart, Soul and true character of an individual can become lost, hidden, buried or overshadowed by whatever is allegedly "in" or "out" and is the current trend or fad of the moment.  Not to say that something trendy or faddish might not actually appeal to your true sensibilities and reflect it in a genuine way... and that is just wonderful if it is who you REALLY are at your core... but to embrace it and connect with it then I feel it should be something of who you are.   I have visited places that are so cookie cutter in their sameness, inside and/or out, that there seems to be no individuality at all to the scene... does the same person occupy ALL of these places and spaces???!!!!! It would seem so... I can get lost in such monotony because there is nothing distinctive, unique or personal about it at all, just stamped out like some mass produced product that someone convinces almost everyone they should have... they need to have in fact... or they're just not with it, fitting in, conforming, following the rules.  I wonder... who made the rules anyway?  And by what authority?  I saw the most lovely quote by Dr. Seuss in the Barn House Blog, that had been sent to them by Aunty Joy and they are definitely words to live by:

 "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."


So... if you find that you gravitate more towards being true to yourself, regardless of what popular opinion or the "maker of rules" of decorating, lifestyle, design, fashion, etc... want to attempt to force upon you... I applaud you... because even just a glimpse of you would tell me who you are and I wouldn't have to wonder or guess, "Who are you... really?" because of a facade of who you think you ought to be, dictated by the masses... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Buongiorno Dawn,
    Be who you are and say what you feel....I am ONE! Must be the Sicilian in me but you do realize that there is not enough time to be someone that you are not. Your images are so inspiring. Grazie Rita

  2. I have always wanted a gypsy wagon of my very own! I was actually talking about that this very morning, my friend!
    I have found that the hardest thing about "just being meself" in suburbia is people "not getting" me!
    I have to try and fit in so the neighborhood kids are allowed to play with my daughter, LOL!

  3. Love this style.......
    But who I am......hmmmm someone unique I guess because I neve met the same person....;0)
    Fine evening

  4. I found your blog Googling Carol Bolton...I find my single life has given me the freedom to live that Bohemian lifestyle and follow the advice of Dr. Seuss, which is also on my blog sidebar. Our lifestyle isn't for the perfectionist, but it's perfect for us Bohemians, our wild and out of the box lifestyle is only a wish and a dream for most!

    We are brave and we are crazy...I too have a Magnolia Pearl purse and adore it, it hangs proud as a peacock in my parlor! Have a wonderful day!


  5. Oh my goodness I love Magnolia Pearl! Robin's vintage airstream trailer is my dream come true!
    I love your words about being yourself and not being cookie cutter. I have loved my style of choice (French romantic rot *winks*) for as long as I can remember. It can be easy to get caught up with the blog Jones-zeys. But the "decorate in one weekend at HomeGoods" look is really getting to me. And as much as I love Belgian linen and a monochomatic scheme (And I really do!) Seeing it every darn where is making it tedious to me too....Sorry for the neg rant...I must have needed to get that out *winks* And I want to be a positive person so I'll focus on the beauty that's right in front of me here...I can already see I'm going to love your blog. Thank you for your opinion on my armoire. I'm leaving it alone for awhile and mulling some more. Vanna

  6. No problem. You can add any white post to the Linky. I usually keep it up until Friday evening.

    Love Magnolia Pearl!



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