Friday, January 14, 2011

Join Us For A Tea Party

Okay... so you KNOW how much the Bohemian Valhalla Clan Adores Hosting Mad Tea Parties... so I'm resurrecting this Old Tea Party Post to join a newly discovered Blog Tea Party over at ARTFUL AFFIRMATIONS that is in process... so come on over and Join us all for Tea... after all, a Good Tea Party is Timeless!!!

Hello dear Friends... won't you sit down and join us for our Mad Hatter Tea Party?  It was the brainchild of my Grand-Daughter... aka: Princess T... we all love Tea... and Parties... and Johnny Depp... and being rather over-the-top in all that we do, wear and enjoy... so why not?!  *Smiles*  A Mad Hatter Tea Party made perfect sense and so we try to have them as often as we can.   We get most of our Teas from our favorite Herb and Tea Shop 'Chakra 4 Herb And Tea House' in East Phoenix, a delightful aromatic Shop with an enormous selection of fresh loose Teas and Herbs and a vibe that we feel right at Home in.  Many of the Teas have the most exotic sounding names... today we are having Genmaicha Matcha (which the Grandchildren have nicknamed Wild Gypsy Tea, because the name just sounds very Gypsy Boheme' to them... LOL) and Blueberry Kukicha to choose from, we recommend either.  The choosing of the Teas for each Party has become a ritual the Grandchildren look forward to and take very seriously... with their own rating system for each Tea, which involves various Smiley, Neutral or Grimace Faces after an initial Sampling carefully drawn upon the baggy Label each Tea's Leaves are packaged in.  After all Tea is very serious business in this Family! *Smiles*  Even the choosing of the Teacups and stirring instruments becomes somewhat of a ritual... them preferring the Demitasse Diner Teacups and Sugar Swizzle Sticks or mini Silver Spoons...  I sway back and forth with my collections of China Teacups or Diner Cups... and there must ALWAYS be some special Treat to accompany Tea... gourmet biscuits, finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, tarts, cheeses or some other delightful confection... today it shall be Petit Ecolier, a yummy White Chocolate European Biscuit.  Princess T brought her favorite Babydoll... wearing the little linen cap she wore at her own birth and lovingly saved by Gramma, the outfit and booties were also hers as an infant, ah, they grow up so fast my Friends ... so feel free to bring a beloved special Friend also, we're not just making Tea you see, we're making cherished Memories and special relationships...

May we suggest the Deluxe Tea Sampler, with 20 delightful assorted Teas to sample?  And some other favorites gleaned elsewhere would be Prickly Pear Tea from the Desert Botanical Gardens or Passionfruit Tea from Wildflower Bread Company.

I hope you've enjoyed having Tea with us... come again soon... Princess T and Dawn... The Bohemians


  1. I'd love a spot of tea with you and your granddaughter. Such a cutie....

    AND...I'd love a spot of Johnny Depp. Where is he? Keeping him all to yourself I see?!!! Share. LOL

    Come on over to my show n tell [link]

    Happy Weekend!!

  2. ahh she is so adorable! tea party with Johnny Depp, welp, I want to come too!

  3. Iwant to come. Looks like you have some adorable company with you.

  4. Your granddaughter is absolutely, perfectly PERFECT!
    I host a tea party in the spring, you can come if you want! I collect teacups all year round so everyone can leave with their own. Victorian Trading Company sells sets of 12 miniature teacups that also make great gifts!
    Gracie has become something of a "pinkie nazi", in that she insists that everyone attending point their finger correctly!
    One year I also made hats for everyone. I think I will do it again! That really was so much fun! Maybe I will let the girls make their own hats when they arrive? Hmm!

    I truly enjoy your posts, my friend! Wish you lived closer. :(

    We are all mad here! Tea?

  5. Well Hello princess T! Don't you look lovely and refined. Just as a princess should *winks* I would LOVEEE to join you and your grams for a spot of tea! May I have some darjeeling? And I certainly hope you have more of those delicious cookies? I think there's going to be a crowd soon. Especially if Mr Depp shows up! Hehe! Vanna

  6. Off to make myself a cup of tea....your post has be craving my evening cup. Weekend hugs. xoxo

  7. Oh your granddaughter is so cute... how nice to have a tea party... I'm running so late visiting everyone, I've been going non stop all day... I would love to sit and have a cup of tea! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  8. I would love to come and visit and share some tea and FUN. Thanks for sharing.


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