Monday, January 31, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Gotta lotta junk in my trunk... and in more ways than one! *wink*  So this has been a real emotional rollercoaster ride for me lately and today is just another Manic Monday! *LOL* Mom took a bad fall late last week, right after getting off the phone with me ... she's okay and tried to distract my continued concern by gushing over how many blooms the Mother's Day Orchids I bought for her have on them still, yeah she's an Orchid Gal, no surprise there right, a most exotic Flower for an exotic Bohemian Lady... she's feeding them her own vitamins... guess Nanna's B12 is Orchid Crack 'cause I have to admit, they're going berserk on it! *smiles*  Tough as old boots my Mom and the original Bohemian Diva... even housebound she's got the Bling on and keeps a beautiful Home full of her Bohemian Treasures surrounding her... and delighting her visitors as she transports them into her World as they enter the threshhold of the Welsh Gypsy.  This is why the Assisted Living conversation never goes well... she'd miss too much of her Boheme' opulence... and I suppose I would too and also strongly resist... I doubt either of us would thrive surrounded by anything else... this is how we roll.  For a Great-Great-Nanna she's got a lotta spunk and spark left in her still and so we weren't going to talk about limitations and her most recent gymnastics in the kitchen... no, we were going to talk about those things near and dear to our Hearts... encouraging things... she's always been my biggest cheerleader in the creative process and thus why her beautiful image graces my labels.  She's very proud of that... knowing that supporters of my Art are carrying Bohemian Treasures with her image on each creation. *smiles*  That's me she'll tell them... it's my immigration photo... most people's immigration photo looks like a DMV mug shot... but not Mom... oh no, that would never do... she had to look amazing... and she did... like a Bohemian Gypsy Princess from a far away land... and she'll ride off into the Sunset looking exactly that way forever... Dawn... The Bohemian 

PS: These Boudoir Beauties remind me of  Nanna and I... she's the Silver Haired Fox and I envision myself looking like that darker haired Boheme' Beauty *hey it's MY Fantasy... and besides, I always wanted the flashing exotic Dark eyes and Blue Black hair of most of my relatives... LOL*   ... wish they weren't so pricey, I'd like to own them both even though Dolls usually aren't my thing... I'm really digging these Boudoir Twins... perhaps my Friend Vanna can clue me in on what is a good deal on such a score?  I thought of you when I see them Vanna... well, that and stuffed Peacocks... *wink*


  1. Yes, gravity is a harsh mistress! You can't keep a good woman down, though!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit my Pink Saturday post. So sorry to hear about your Mum... she sounds like a very awesome and strong lady.

    Have a super week...until next PS!

    Bella Rosa antiques

  3. Oh Dawn that's so cool that your mom is on your label!! I hope she NEVER has to leave her bohemian paradise of a home!

    Awww you thought of me??! That's a most wonderful compliment! Those boudoir ladies are FAB!! Gonna have to pay more than $100 I'm afraid. But if you could find one for $50? Snap it up!! They need to be in good shape. Not to many cracks etc. And of course just like us costume is key!! The more ornate and foofy the better!...Also just like us! Lol! Vanna


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