Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Bohemian Bling

Bohemian Bling... it really is a weakness of mine.. another Siren's Song that often calls to me.  I not only love collecting it, wearing it and incorporating it into my Art... but I also enjoy window shopping for it.  Pieces I know I will probably never own, but I can still enjoy gazing at the splendor of and sharing with others who love it by photographing pieces that have caught my eye or I've lusted after. Some pieces I have found at spectacular bargains and I'll eagerly snap them up at Flea Markets, Thrift Stores and Yard Sales and rejoice at my good fortune... and perhaps brag about ... show off, I mean share. *Smiles* But the vast majority of really quality pieces, well, they are fairly obvious in value and thus command the price that they're more accurately worth.  I don't begrudge anyone selling a lovely piece at accurate value if they know what they have, that's a no-brainer for those in business... and it is what it is after all.  But it will usually mean that either I don't have the budget to acquire it... or it would take time and tenacity to get a coveted piece and it would surely be more sacrificial, so it is more likely I will pass on it unless I cannot get it off my Heart or mind and make it a Wish List Goal.    There are the occassional pieces I wrestle with... should I or shouldn't I?  Those guilty indulgences that we sometimes cave in and acquire, throwing all caution to the wind and justifying it in our best distorted reasoning possible *LOL*... but those are more the exceptions than the rule... at least for me.  I don't like regret purchases and so I usually will not make them, when I get an expensive piece it is very likely not going to be an impulsive buy if I can help it. The thrill of the hunt and finding those elusive bargains is what I live for when it comes to Bohemian Bling... whether it be an Antique, Vintage or Artist created piece.  Some types I adore more than others... I have a penchant for Antique Victorian Sash Pins, though I don't own too many.   And there are certain Artists which I would ideally like to acquire almost every piece they make... Becky Edwards being at the forefront... never seen a piece of Becky's Jewelry that I didn't swoon over, I just totally connect to her Artistic style!  That Bluebird Bracelet has been calling to me for months... but it would take most of this year for me to save for it... so I dunno... it very likely could get snapped up by someone else before I could swing it?  Almost anything that sparkles speaks to my Bohemian Soul... a subdued Spirit I am definitely not! *wink*   And though it's not Bohemian nor Bling... I just HAD to share that Five-0 Badge... The Man accompanied me on this window shopping trip and he assured me it was the real deal and how cool is that peeps?!?  Book 'em Dan-O... I've always wanted an excuse to use that line! *LOL*  I asked him if it was even legal to own such a thing... or sell it... apparently it is as long as you don't use it as if you were in Law Enforcement?  I could just see this attached to the flap of one of my Bohemian Treasure Bags done in a Hawaiian theme Vintage Barkcloth Fabric and perhaps some tiny Seashells attached to the Silk Fringe?!?  I'd probably keep that one for myself!!! *wink*  Would using it like that constitute impersonating a Police Officer I wonder???  Well... at the very least I wonder how much fun we could have sporting it before we went to Jail? *wink* ... Well, I Hope you have had fun window shopping with me for the Boho Bling this day... *Theme song from Hawaii Five-0 fading out in the background as Dawn catches that big pipeline wave to shore-LOL... and back to reality* ... Dawn... The Bohemian 


I'm linking up with Beverly of HOW SWEET THE SOUND for Pink Saturday, come over and behold all the Pink Shabulousness my Friends! My entry is the lovely Bling Bracelet with the Pink Stones.


  1. Love seeing the bling Dawn! How cool is that Hawaii Five-o badge?! I find my inner magpie is attracted to anything with crystals *winks* I can't get enough chandeliers. It's like a sickness! Vanna

  2. My favorite is the blue bird, I have a thing for blue birds reminds me of my great gramma and her collection. I love the Hawaii five 0 badge!! have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. These are just gorgeous! My fave is the bluebird piece, thanks for linking up with VIF!!!

  4. Hi there~ Beautiful treasures you have shown today! Thanks for linking up to Feathered Nest Friday!:)

  5. I'm totally with you on the jewellery - you have some fabulous pieces!

    Happy Pink Saturday and hugs from the UK!

  6. Dear Dawn,
    Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for putting a link to my blog on your blog. And also thank you for buying the valentine box. I also love Carol's style, she is a dear sweet friend and everything she does creatively is gold. What a wonderful compliment to be compared with her!!!! I would love to meet you, if you are ever this way or if I am ever that way. Thank you, thank you, and I looooove your blog!!!! Hugs, Binky

  7. Lovely bling. I enjoyed looking at all the photos.


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