Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

As you know from previous Posts I'm still lamenting the failed opportunity to procure the elusive and coveted Magnolia Pearl Belt at Auction.  I cannot lie, I am so disappointed, two mere seconds was just too close, I really thought it was mine... after years of waiting and wanting one.  And so I pouted like a petulant child and was very let down... and as my Grandson tried to console me he said something profound.  Don't they always... children have such profound insight into almost everything because in their innocense and imaginative purity, they believe everything and anything to be possible!  He was standing in the Library Room examining my MP Bag Collection and my own Bag creations... examining and scrutinizing closely... and after a while he tells me he thinks the Magnolia Pearl stuff is really beautiful, but, SO IS YOUR STUFF Gramma, it's hard for me to tell the difference.   Granted, he's only ten, and something pretty is just something pretty to him, and he LOVES me dearly, so he'll often tell me the most flattering things about myself because he believes them to be absolute truth... or he just wants to see me smile and know that HE believes in me and thinks I can do just about anything. *Tears often come to my eyes at this point.* Then came the profound part... he reminded me that I'm an Artist too... so... WHY DON'T YOU JUST MAKE ONE?   Pause as I mull this question over in my imagination... and wonder to myself, now why didn't I think of that?!?!?! *Smiles* After all... isn't that how I got into Fabric Art in the first place?  Robin quit making her bags, I'd been collecting them for years and using them often... but now I began to have concerns that if I wore them out I could not replace them... and being OOAK they were in fact wearable Art that could not be replaced anyway, each was unique and would not be made again.  So I just began to display them, but missed carrying a beautiful OOAK bag, by now regular bags just would not do... and so I began to make my own Bohemian bags for everyday use.  And that began a whole new chapter in my Artistic expression and I'm enjoying it beyond belief and apparently so are those dear Souls who enjoy my work enough to own one of my creations.   And so, to my Grandson, it seemed like a natural solution to my problem... if you can't buy one of her belts and she doesn't make them anymore, why don't you just make one Gramma?  I actually began to get excited about the prospect my Friends... I can do this... and the photos provide a prototype for me to learn by... so I began the photo editing to really get down into the details... because unlike the bags, I don't own one of the belts to scrutinize and learn by... and I'm a very visual person, fascinated by details and the layering of beauty... and when I create a piece, I want it to Wow me, if it doesn't then I keep at it until it does... I have to be impressed with my own results or I'm not satisfied.  So, I know that as I imagine what my version of this fab belt is going to look like, it will be everything I wanted and envisioned it to be... AND best of all, it will be the right size *wink*... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Images of MP Belts cribbed from Elizabeth Fagan's E-Bay Auctions*


  1. Hi Dawn - it is just a little disappointing that the images are out of focus - it is such a stunning belt and, whats more,it would be so nice to do your own take on the design so that it would make it completely your own!

  2. What an awesome Grandson you have! I can not wait to see your fabulous belt!!!!!!!!!!I just know it is going to be gorgeous:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Awwwww out of the mouths of babes! Of course you can do it! And I'm right behind Andie as your second buyer *winks* Vanna


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