Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Next Best Thing

I was going to take a Soldering Class this month, but it's not going to work out right now, maybe another time.  The main reason I wanted to take the class was to learn to solder Artistic bottle stoppers for all the beautiful old Glass Bottles The Man has been bringing Home for me over the years from his Desert treks and Hunting trips.  Most have lain in the harsh Desert environment and sweltering Sun for almost a Century and have developed those magnificent colors of Glass that only time and Sun can create, like Pearlescent and Amethyst... others were lovely colors back in the day that only got better with time, like the Greens, Cobalt Blues and Browns.  Old Glass is beautiful anyway, the textures and way Glass was made back then give it a distinction that I just love... the bubbles, the waves, the imperfections.  Dressing up these Old Beauties Artistically just seemed like a natural progression of adding yet another layer of Beauty... which is a Style I gravitate towards... layering Beauty upon Beauty.  But my Old Bottle collection shall have to wait a bit for their transformation.

However, I decided I'd do the next best thing... and purchase some beautifully transformed Old Bottles from one of my favorite Artists, Tricia Samsal of Vintage Bliss .  I had been admiring these creations in a Booth at an Antique Mall for some time, not knowing they were Tricia's or that it was her Booth I had been buying many Lovelies from for quite some time!!! I had talked to her about the Bottles while we visited at Thieves Market on New Year's Day... not knowing at the time that they were in HER Booth and were HER creations! Small World isn't it?!?!  Funny how a Booth will draw you in and feel so familiar... and then you find out you actually know the Dealer or Artist! *Smiles*  I believe there are Kindred Spirits and you just gravitate to the same things, have similar passions and collections, create and have similar vision for your Art and the expression of it.  It is almost like a Fraternity of like minded Souls and even when you meet for the very first time... it's as if you've known each other forever!  I often feel like that in Blogland, where the ability to connect to the Artistic Community here exposes you to a vast number of Kindred Spirits who "get" you and appreciate Artistic expression in it's varied forms... so rather than feeling misfit you fit together like pieces of an interesting and unique puzzle.

Well, after it was evident that the Soldering Class would have to wait and I wouldn't be making my own creations anytime soon... I decided not to risk delaying the purchase of Tricia's lovely Bottle creations any longer... lest they be snapped up by another admirer!  With bated breath I found the time yesterday to finally make it down to her Booth and Hope it wasn't too late... it wasn't *whew* and in fact there was a 3rd Bottle I fell in love with, so rather than a duo I ended up with a trio!  Aren't they lovely!  The Grandson was with me and he scored his own Treasure... a coveted one that has a little Story behind it.  You see, my Grandchildren collect Beanie Babies, and some time ago in an Antique Mall we discovered the elusive Peacock one... but there was also an apparently even rarer and elusive Dragon one according to the Grandchild Beanie Baby experts *wink*... and he opted for the Dragon that day with the intention of coming back another time to score the Peacock.  Only it was too late when we returned another time... it had been Sold!  *Gasp... and le sigh from me because I knew the repurcussions... lamentations and fixation upon Beanie Baby Peacocks for WEEKS I tell you, LOL*  And that elusive Peacock one never turned up again anywhere, Lord knows he looked every time we were anywhere that might have one... until this day that is... at this very same Antique Mall, Zinnia's At Melrose, where Tricia has her Booth!  Now imagine that... so the two of us came away very happy this day, him proud as a Peacock with his beloved Beanie Baby Peacock score... we both had the next best thing to our original Plan you see... and isn't that how Life unfolds sometimes... in unexpected ways, with twists and turns and surprises... and that's just how I like it, how about you? ... Dawn... The Bohemian    


  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you!
    Also, I appreciate your stopping by Flora Doora
    and your nice comment.

    Flora Doora

  2. What a beautiful collection of vintage bottles. I like the tops, what a talent. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  3. I love old bottles, jewelry and fabrics - they are so wonderful and rich with stories!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. I could not agree more...those bottles, well, those bottles!
    It's good to know that Mr. Peacock (hope his name is Hendrix!) found a good home!


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