Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not Too Shabby... Concluding The Tour

As we conclude our stroll through NOT TOO SHABBY I am reminded why I enjoy that retailers stay ahead of the curve for the upcoming Holidays and delight us in advance with the beautiful vignettes, fabulous products and creative ideas... it prepares me far in advance for those special occasions that I want to make ultra Special for my Loved Ones.  Seeing all the delightful Valentine decor and ideas is putting me in the Spirit of envisioning what I want to do for The Man and the Children that will show my Love for them... and my love of all that embodies the Spirit of Romance and Romantic Living.  I'm a true Romantic at Heart... I'm borderline sappy in fact... and the more surreal the Romantic Vision, the more it captivates me.  Couldn't you just imagine your Sweetie presenting you with a beautiful sweet little Christie Repasy Rose painting... nestled inside a Vintage inspired decorated Heart Box?!? *swoon*   How Romantic is THAT Gals?!? And if there were round trip tickets to Bora-Bora tucked in there too... I'd personally be in 7th Heaven and floating feet off the ground in a mind freak levitation that Chris Angel couldn't replicate!  *Smiles* Okay, I know, most Guys aren't quite that creatively endowed to go with the Artsy set-up for their gift giving reminiscent of the Hollywood Girlie Movies we are mezmerized by and force them to watch with us *LOL*... but if they took frequent strolls with us through our favorite Shops they might have some of the visuals rub off on them that they see us captivated by and get a clue that perhaps THAT would be the way ta go???!!!  Ya think?!?  Of coarse The Man and I learned long ago how to get exactly that perfect gift for each other and he definitely spoils me rotten: Wad of cash + instructions to go Shopping and get that coveted gift = no disappointments or feigned delight. Plus, having the fun of shopping for whatever each of us has been secretly lusting after at our favorite Shops and knowing FOR SURE we're getting it... and hey, it has worked for us 20+ years now.  Because lets face it... I'm not that 'into' shopping Cabela's or Bass Pro Shop *though I must say their props are quite Disneylandish*... and he's not that 'into' shopping my Artsy or Decorating Boutiques.  But we each take great delight in Shopping at our respective Shops that make our eyes glaze over when we enter! *LOL* Not Romantic you might say?  Perhaps not sappy Hollywood style... but then, how Romantic is getting that gift you really didn't desire, he hated shopping for... and pretending it was just what you always wanted??? *Smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

Disclaimer:  If you happen to be that Gal who has the Romantically inspired Guy who Hollywood has written all their Scripts about *I've heard he exists*... then definitely, leave it up to him, he knows exactly what we're talking about anyway... and all your Shop Gals obviously know him on a first name basis and will ensure he'll get you exactly what you wanted too!  So both stories have a Happily Ever After ending... *wink*

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  1. Me likey! Me wanty that rose painting...The pink petticoat...and mostly that black hat with the hot pink rose!!
    Keep it coming girlfriend!
    And you said:
    "you'd be amazed at how much ground I can cover in a mere day!"

    Mais non ma petite mignon *winks* no surprise a'tall! If you're anything like me? From one end of the state to the other! *winks* Vanna


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