Monday, January 3, 2011

Not Too Shabby Forray Part II

As we continue our trip down the rabbit hole and delight our eyes with the treasures found at Not Too Shabby in Phoenix I'm hoping our virtual excursion has been as fun for you as being there was for me?  You see, I don't have to own everything fabulous that I see, it delights me to just see beauty around me, whether it belongs to me or to someone else.  I'm so glad to see an abundance of Shops and fans of found treasures and Art that appreciate the same objects that I do, dedicated to preserving them, repurposing them and making them available to purchase, display and just enjoy.  I believe there is a place for objects of the past along with those being presently manufactured.  I believe there is a place for the unique Shops and Artists along with the larger Corporations... so I want to see them supported and thrive well into the future.  During tough economic times particularly I realize that supporting our local small businesses and the Arts is vital if we expect them to remain viable.  To have a future so that our Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren may be able to experience these same places and pleasures in their lifetimes and not have it be something they just learn, see or hear about in stories, memories of past generations or old photographs.  I couldn't imagine a future without the Arts or Artists... with only mega-stores, chain stores and franchise businesses and restaurants.  I want the small, independantly owned and Family owned businesses to remain an option for those unique items, specialty foods and personal experiences we presently enjoy and who give back so much to our communities that they open and operate their businesses in.  So I will continue to do my part to support them and tell others about the ones I've experienced and enjoy and I hope you will too...  Dawn... The Bohemian

“The Web puts an exponential twist on the whole word of mouth thing, because word of mouth is now happening virally.” (Blue Man)

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    What a lot of great treasures! THANKS for coming by my place and the sweet words...Happy New Year!


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