Friday, January 28, 2011

Old Dress Forms And Style

I have perhaps an obsessive attraction to old Dress Forms, I only have room for the two I own in my own Studio, but I love them so much I want and would like to have more!  I know, I know, more is never enough. *wink*  So, due to space constraints, I satisfy my passion for the Dress Form by photographing them and enjoying the photographs others share of them.  Whether plainly displayed in a minamalist approach which shows off the Form as much as what it's wearing... or elaborately decked out, I'm captivated by them.  I see that many of you give your Forms a Name and a personality, I'm liking that idea.  Mine had remained Nameless until now, but you've all inspired me to change that... and so I decided to name them after a pair of free Spirited Sisters I knew in my youth and always loved the Names of... Yazmin and Yashyme (pronouned Ya Sheem).   If I'd had more Daughters, twins perhaps, they might have ended up with those beautiful names... so its nice to have something else that I can name again. *LOL*   While I was visiting Cottage Garden 2 recently, I fell in love with the Dress Form display that Meilan had created, so I'm sharing it today.  Meilan is a beautiful, creative, sweet Soul and the Romantic, yet fashionable touch she gave to the resident Form wowed me... gee, I wish I could look like that in an ensemble!!!  Well, without the wreath around my neck that is... *wink* but everything else, gives a Victorian Bohemian Funk vibe that I love!  Dress Forms always look so good in their fashions, perhaps that's why we're drawn to them?  It's how we'd envision ourselves looking and primping IF our shape were as perfectly proportioned as that?!  Well, maybe I'm just speaking for myself?  Perhaps YOUR shape is similar enough that you can still rock it like that... alas, mine no longer is. *le sigh*  Not that I don't give it my best shot though... because if I love something, I wear it, at any size! *wink*  I'm not one to "wait until I lose a designated amount of weight" before I buy or wear something I adore... nope... Life is too short my Friends... and I'm at that Season of Life now where I don't really care what is allegedly fashionable, age appropriate, in, out, other people approve of... etc... etc... etc...   So, I will continue to be inspired by those fabulous old Dress Forms and the amazing way they are bedecked by those of you who have an eye for Style and the looks I adore... because fashions may come and go, but Style is eternal... Dawn... The Bohemian 

I'm linking with Debra over at COMMON GROUND for Vintage Inspiration Friday... please join us and let us know what has inspired you this week!?  I've been inspired by the decorated Dress Form this week and shared an image from this Post.

And with Courtney over at FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE for Feathered Nest Friday... please join us over there too and either share what you have feathered your Nest with... or would like to?!  This week I'm sharing my new Magnolia Pearl Bag from yesterday's Post, it's the newest Feather to my Nest.


  1. Weeeell you probably knew this was coming us being sistuh twins and all...But so do I LOVE LOVE LOVE old dress forms!! And like you I have two of em and wish I had a dozen! I really have no idea what that's about? It's just a visceral response I have to some things. Vanna

  2. I love it!!!! it's beautiful! love the display too! Last year my husband bought me an old dress from the early 19th century that i actually use in the winter, although it weights a ton!!!! i'll have to show it on the blog!
    I have an obsession with corsets and have been trying to find some for some time now!
    thanks for the links! i'll check them out right now!
    have a great day!

  3. Hello, and thank you so much for visiting me at my blog... I love your dress forms, so stunning!... and I love your attitude even more... not worrying about what is "in" or "out" or trendy or age appropriate, etc... I am the very same way... you mentioned in your comment on my post about vintage galvanized treasures like mine being in decorating magazines now...I guess "I was country when country wasn't cool"... I have always loved the farmhouse~prairie style and now it is the latest thing... my styles don't change... most of the things I use today are from twenty five years ago when we had our little farm... I am going back and looking at your older posts, they are fascinating!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Love what you said about wearing what you like, regardless of your size! I adore my Magnolia Pearl outfits, even WHILE I'm trying to lose the extra fluff. =)

    Blessings... Polly
    French Cupboard & Counting Your Blessings

  5. There is something about the dress forms...mine is just plain Virginia - the middle name of the dear soul who gave her up to me. She gets draped with countless, special items, in her corner. Happy Weekend...Tanya


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