Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Photographic Journal

Two Posts in one day?  Yeah, why not *smiles*... one of the things I'm loving most about blogging is that it provides a photographic Journal of all the things I'm attracted to in daily living, things I might not decide to make an actual photo album of, but that I'd definitely enjoy seeing images of in a favorite magazine or book.  Only with this I get to photograph and choose ALL of the images contained and be the Editor in Chief of my humble little virtual space. *smiles*  I have always loved to take photographs so I've always taken a lot of them, but now I take more photos that don't have people in them... photos of things and places to preserve those memories and images too.  I can't say I did much of that before having a Blog, so usually all my lovelies were just the backgrounds to photos with loved ones in them... or never actually photographed at all.  And forget about taking photos of favorite Shops and vignettes before I decided to Blog, so those beautiful images and enjoyable forrays were only captured briefly as I experienced them... and then were gone forever, with little, if any, memories attached... or to enjoy at a later date or share with others.  Now I might save some images for quite some time before I decide to include them in a Post, carefully archived online now and waiting for the day they will be paraded out and revealed... and they may or may not have anything to do with what I've decided to write about, they're just random beautiful images I wanted to preserve and share at some point in time... as a backdrop, if you will, to my musings, stories, thoughts and ramblings. *Smiles*  I always take more photos than I know I'm going to use immediately, because eventually I'll want to preserve them in this format... and share them with you in a future Post.   I have also always loved to write, not that I've ever been published or consider myself a Writer, but it has always been an enjoyable activity of mine.  I've often been asked if I'm a Writer or that I should Write for a living, nope... just have a lot of thoughts, ideas and opinions inside my head that sometimes need to get out and be expressed in written form! *LOL* I'm just flattered and pleased when someone enjoys something I've written or got something out of it.  I do believe that words have power and if we use them to  uplift, encourage, build up, educate, bring a smile, comfort, praise, inspire or entertain others... then they should be expressed some kind of way and as often as we are sincerely led to.  This also gives me an outlet to have a written Journal of things that are on my mind, I've done or are important to me at the time... a Diary of sorts... though I never kept a Diary and so this is the closest thing to that which I've ever had!  I like having the absolute freedom to write about whatever I'm thinking about or interests me... sharing photos of what beauty surrounds me... meeting new people and through this medium getting to know each other, perhaps even more personally and transparently than chance encounters in person... because in this we are sharing parts of our lives, our dreams, our vision and our World.  We're inviting others into the inner sanctums of our lives by revealing our Homes, our Art or Business ventures, our passions, our thoughts and our Friends and Families.   Blogs really are a way to be a bit self-indulgent too without any of the guilt that can be associated with self indulgences. *smiles*  I can indulge in my fantasies, my passions, my dreams, my Art, what I love and enjoy or have an opinion about... and express it all, or as much of it as I'm comfortable putting out there... and connect with others in this virtual community who seem to have similar interests, lifestyles and activities to my own and are very much like me.  Or  connect with others who are very different from me and broaden my experiences and knowledge of their World, point of view and interests...  and I get to experience all of this in the comfort of my own Home, at no cost to me other than my time... and how wonderful is that when you think about it?  Absolutely priceless I say... Dawn... The Bohemian    

*All images shared today were photographed at 'RUST AND ROSES'*


  1. Love your it doesn't matter how many on a day.....;0)
    Fine evening

  2. You post as much or as little as you like Dawn! That cross is sooo gorgeous! And the columns...and the painted dresser....and well pretty much everything you've pictured *winks* You can contact me at Vanna

  3. Dawn I think I saw that episode! Well not so surprising because I watch them all *winks* Have you seen the blog French Essence? That story of the million dollar ruin would be one just like Vicki Archers. Her home is divine! I've always dreamed of a vacation home in Europe a la "Under The Tuscan Sun" But Morocco is now on my map. The hubbs is leaning toward Buenos Aires....We'll see. He usually gets his way lol! Vanna

  4. Dawn.. what goodies you have up there! I want that suitcase!! Please stop by Tattered when you have a moment... a little surprise for you!

  5. I love Rust and Roses. Shelly and i go wayyyyyy back.
    Thanks for sharing.


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