Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Stylish Blogger

A big Bohemian Blush from me!!! 
Beautiful Image of Vintage French Postcard courtesy of The Graphics Fairy
Oh my, I don't really know what to say *blushing*... I was awarded "The Stylish Blogger Award" by Cat from Tattered Rebel , what an honor and surprise this was.  Cat has two fun Blogs that I thoroughly enjoy... Tattered Rebel and Gypsea Nurse... her style of writing is candid and with a great sense of humor... she has a Gypsy Soul, a Vintage Vibe and she loves the Beach... ah, a Gal after my own Heart!  Receiving an award of any kind from your peers is truly touching... thanks Cat!  So with this award I am supposed to reveal 7 things about myself, then pass it on... 

1:  I love people and socializing, but I'm equally content with my own company and spend intentional time alone daily, doing what I love and restoring my Soul. 

2:  I've never had a problem doing anything solo if it's something I want to do or a place I want to go... and so I've rarely missed out on anything I love or deemed important just because I couldn't find someone who could or would accompany me.

3:  I always wanted to learn to play an instrument... especially the Saxophone or Native American Flute... why I have never acted upon that desire is a complete mystery to me!?

4:  I love Cats... I feel a connection to their particular personality... independent... curious... don't care what people think... can sleep anywhere... more active at night... enjoy being spoiled... scrappy if they have to be but usually docile and avoid drama if at all possible.   Hey, maybe in a previous life I WAS a Cat?! *LOL*

5:  I'm loyal to a fault... so sometimes 'letting go', especially when it's necessary, has never been easy for me.

6:  I prefer to listen to Music or read than to watch TV.   

7:  I love the number Seven... strange, but true, it's my favorite number.

Now... that was the easy part... but passing it on to worthy recipients... well, after much consideration I just can't do it... sorry... there are just too many Blogs I feel ALL deserve this award.  For Heaven's Sakes, just take a look at my laundry list of favorites, it goes on forever and ever my Friends... AND I LOVE THEM ALL AND TO ME EACH AND EVERY ONE IS MORE THAN WORTHY OF THIS AWARD IN MY HUMBLE OPINION... I get so much out of every Post, picture and story that each of you shares, I really do. So choosing favorites for me is impossible and I'd be anxiety ridden even trying, honestly it would be like asking me which of my Friends, Children or Grandchildren were my "favorite"! *wringing of hands going on*  Besides... each of them believes themselves to be my favorite anyway, smiles!!! If you would like to participate by sharing 7 things about yourselves it would be so much fun to stop by and learn more about you though... so if you choose to do so, let me know so I can come over and visit and get to know all the dirt about you! *wink*  But really I am sincerely humbled and honored that each of you takes the time to visit and/or leaves me an encouraging comment or tells me you're enjoying my little virtual space and musings.  Because I'm enjoying this Journey and sharing it makes it all the more special... Love Ya all... and thanks again Cat for this very special Honor of deeming me worthy enough to receive it... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. lOVE IT!!!! You are such a fun person. I like the number 7 too. Have no idea why either:)Congratulations on the award!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Cat people rule! That's what my cats tell me, anyhow!
    Congratulations, beautiful soul! You absolutely deserve it!
    I haven't seven things to share about myself so I will share seven thoughts on a topic near to my heart:
    1).MILLIONS of pets die afraid and alone in shelters every year.

    2).Adopted pets truly appreciate your kindness and love and return MORE than you can ever give.

    3).Animal rescue agencies need your help NOW more than ever. It's winter here so what else are you doing?

    4).One never reaches greater heights than to reach down and help those in need.

    5).Shelters ALWAYS need blankets, towels and newspapers. Time to rid your home of those extras anyhow!

    6).TNR groups are misunderstood but highly essential to the cause of helping stray cat populations. learn about them and help if you can.

    7). Pitbulls are NOT the most aggressive dogs out there. Poodles are. Pitbulls are loyal, loving, intelligent family dogs. Learn about them and save them!

    8). *BONUS* Is it wrong to hope Michael Vick suffers a painful career ending injury?


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