Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vintage Bliss At Thieves Market

We had our first experience of Thieves Market in Cave Creek and came Home with some new fabulous Treasures from talented Artist Tricia Samsal of Vintage Bliss.  I must say the name of the Flea Market intrigued me... it makes you feel like a Pirate in search of booty-treasure... okay, so I have a fertile imagination and am prone to exaggeration and excess so anything sounding larger than life attracts me like a Moth to a flame and my story of any experience is likely laden with embellishments. Because I'm going to have a good time where ever the paths of Life take me and nothing I'm attracted to seems mundane to me... ever... I'll be excited about it. *Smiles*  I'm loving my new necklace and am thrilled to finally own one of Tricia's creations... in a future Post I'll share the unique creation my BFF came Home with from Tricia's Booth, I neglected to photograph anything at the Market because it was, well... in a word... COLD!!!  This Flea Market is the first Saturday of every month... and though it was crazy cold this particular Saturday and dear Tricia was braving the elements like a trooper, we'll be back and hoping for warmer temps for future forrays to Carefree/Cave Creek, which is a beautiful area nestled in the foothills of the East Valley and a very Artsy community, which is right up my alley.  Even our roadtrip there this first time was an adventure since we had no idea where we were going or how to get there *wink* so we took the lost  ummm, scenic route and barely made it there in time. *LOL*  Note to Self: Next time you are heading to a new unknown destination... it might be wise to get general directions first or take time to Map Quest the route and have a vague idea of say, Streets it might be on or near!!! *Smiles*  Of coarse once we were on our way I started developing amnesia of sorts, not quite remembering if Tricia's Blog said it was in Carefree or Cave Creek?  And was either town even remotely close to each other I wonder?  But this is how I tend to roll... by the seat of my pants... and thankfully BFF has known me for enough decades now that she's used to being lost on one of my road trips, clueless of my actual intinerary , ummm... on a grand adventure with me to destinations unknown, extremely vague and quite spontaneous... and she's game, goes with it like the brave good Sport that she is. *LOL* I like to find new, fun, Artsy places to visit and shop... and perhaps in the future showcase my Art... that is, when I find the time to have additional unsold pieces to showcase... I know, I know, for 2011 I I really need to resolve to get on the ball and be more prolific and carve out the time to devote to my Art and passions... but for now I shall remain the temperamental Bohemian Artist with a long waiting list *blushing with embarrassment* who often doesn't know where she's going but is on her way... Dawn... The Bohemian

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