Monday, January 10, 2011

The Vintage Kitchen

The Vintage Kitchen means different things to different people depending upon which era you happened to grow up in.  To me it is Milk Glass, Jadeite, richly textured Pottery Mixing Bowls. Free standing Cupboards with textured Glass windows and painted Wood in hues like Seafoam Green, Buttercup Yellow, Pale Pink, Robin's Egg Blue or shades of White.  Tin cannisters with bright graphics and bold colors.  Enamelware Bread Boxes and Chrome plated appliances. Tole painted Metal TV Trays and table Linens made of actual Linen with brightly colored graphics.  It's Lace and Doilies lovingly made by the Moms and Grammas.  Chrome or Wooden utensils with painted Wooden or Bakelite handles.  Enamel topped Tables for rolling out dough.  It's Beadboard and Formica Diningtables with lot of Chrome and bright colored Vinyl Chairs.  It's dinnerware of Pastel Melamac or thick Diner Ware from such Companies as Syracuse China, Buffalo China or Shenango.  It's delicate China and Teacups that Mom saved for special company and special occassions.  It's sturdy Silver or Silverplate flatware that Mom or Nana polished every Sunday so that it gleamed.  It's Cookie Jars of every shape and character imaginable.   Cast iron pans and skillets that become more seasoned with every use and enamelware pots, pitchers, teapots and basins.

I always felt that the Vintage Kitchen captured the essence of the Heart of the Home, where meals were lovingly prepared and shared amid cheerful vibrant surroundings.  So I have been collecting Vintage Kitchen items of every type I remembered growing up around and they are among my favorite collectibles that are still useful and we use daily. Growing up with a European Mom we always had a mix of American and European influences in our Home and so my collections include both, each distinctive and yet complimentary to one another, showcasing cultural diversity.  What captures the essence of the Vintage Kitchen to you my Friends?  There is nothing that promotes Fellowship quite like the sharing of a meal and so the Kitchen is still the Heart of the Home and we should ensure that it is inviting, cheerful and welcoming to all who enter and are invited to break bread with us... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Image of Retro Dining Set cribbed from E-Bay*

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