Monday, January 24, 2011

Zinnias At Melrose

As we continue our 1st Melrose Crawl of 2011 we arrive at Zinnias At Melrose, a large warehouse sized space with two floors of Antiques, Furniture, Collectibles and Vintage Vendor Booths... akin to a true Flea Market because the variety spans so much in the way of hidden Treasures and great finds at very reasonable prices.  If you really enjoy Junquing but want to narrow it down to a place that doesn't have you needing to wade through a bunch of junk to get to the good stuff I think you'd be in your height of Glory in this place.  I'm very specific in what I'm looking for and some places I go specialize in MY kind of Found Treasure, but this is a place I know I can bring any Junquing Partner and they're also going to enjoy themselves and be able to discover whatever they're looking for too. Because there is no particular genre of great finds... it has just about everything covered for those seeking Found Treasures of any style, era and eclectic taste.  Naturally I'm always drawn to the Bohemian goods, OOAK Artist Creations, Boheme' Bling and Vintage Fabrics primarily... but I must say there is always something unique and outside of my usual scope of interest that intrigues me at this Antique Mall.  For some strange reason those hauntingly creepy Antique Dolls captured my attention this trip... I envisioned them in a great Halloween vignette reminiscent of a Tim Burton movie... something very Addams Family about this trio don't you think?  And in my darker recesses of collecting oddities that is a definite strange attraction that I can't quite explain!!! *wink*  No... I didn't get any of them, though with a restorative touch the old Boudoir Gypsy Doll had potential to look sweet instead of scary... but I'm quite certain it would have totally creeped the Grandkids out to bring anything looking like these forlorn oddities Home! *LOL*  Someone had turned a large Vintage Alaskan Tapestry into an unusual carpet style bag, which was interesting.  I've had my eye on the Vintage Italian Velvet Bedspread for a while... loving it, but out of my range for such a piece. *le sigh*  I'm always on the lookout for great Bohemian Vintage Rugs and this place always delivers, they have a great selection of Vintage Rugs with many Bohemian, Persian and Native American style pieces... I don't like mine to look new, I prefer the rugs worn to perfection so that they have an aged vibe of faded opulence to them... I loved this small Blue one.   Still wondering what a Marxophone is and sounds like?  Looked like a cross between a Harp, Piano and a Guitar... a cool piece even if you aren't a Musician or collector of Vintage Instruments... this would just display well and be a good conversation piece.  I hope you're not too tired to continue our Journey doing the Crawl down Melrose?  'Cause we're not through yet... because oops, I just hit the Publish Button on the final Crawl Post I was intending to save as a Draft for tomorrow *smiles*... Dawn... The Bohemian

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