Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bohemian Bling Colors For February

February has me thinking in Reds and Pinks... Valentine' Day palettes.  And so it was fitting that I found my most recent Bohemian Bling score duo in exactly those hues!  At an amazing 'bundled' price, I'm SO into bundling thanks to Frank from 'American Pickers'... *winks*  It was the large West German Brooch I was most interested in, I have a love affair with West German Vintage Brooches, the backs are always as ornate as the side that shows... and the little surprising details of hidden beauty just appeals to me... beauty where it doesn't need to be... but is... just because!  But the small one grew on me and the Red stones sparkle beautifully and it's just the right size to make a Jewelry creation with.  You've probably also noticed that yes, I did succumb and go back for my little Guitar playing Gypsy Girl porcelain figurine... she was hard to resist and very inexpensive, I would have regret not bringing her Home this time... discovering little unexpected Found Treasures like her is what the thrill of the hunt is all about to me.  No bigger than a Salt shaker I wonder if at one time she was part of a set and had a 'mate'... a little Gypsy Boy perhaps playing his instrument... making beautiful Gypsy music together?  If so, wouldn't it be delightful to find him for her and reunite them on Valentine's Day!?  Perhaps I'm a Hopeless Romantic and an idealist at Heart and just about anything can give me Romantic Notions and the ideals of Romantic Living, but I like that.  Because I truly believe we can shape our World in so many ways that will bring Joy and spread Joy... with that which speaks to our Heart and our passions... surrounding ourselves with the people, images and things that will cause us to be uplifted, inspired, creative and being the very best that we can be... and when we are so Purposed then that becomes the Blessing to so many others... and the most Romantic vision I could have is a World saturated with Beauty, Peace and Love that touches the lives of everyone in some way and continues to extend and expand indefinitely... not just on Valentine's Day, but EVERY DAY... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi,So enjoyed your gorgeous photos.I love your style.You made me want to go out hunting today.Have a good day.Denise

  2. Love the pinks and red jewels. That little girl is so cute too;)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens


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