Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Lil Bro... Such A Nerd... Love Ya

My Lil Bro was always such a Nerd... the one who was ultra smart at Technology of all sorts... a Professional Photographer of amazing talent and skill... and knew so much about so many things that I don't know how you can cram that much knowledge into one head without it exploding?!? *winks*  So it was only fitting that he recently sent me photos of himself with the Cast of REVENGE OF THE NERDS... Brian Tochi (Toshiro)... Julia Montgomery (Betty)... Curtis Armstrong (Booger) and Robert Carradine (Lewis).  He has gotten to meet and know so many wonderful celebs while living in Cali and working for many years in the entertainment industry... and it's always a Joy to see who he's had the pleasure of meeting or photographing next... I live the West Coast Life vicariously thru ya my Lil Bro... and I Love ya dearly... Hugs and Kisses from Bohemian Big Sis...  Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Being a nerd is COOL!!...Well of course I wouldn't actually know having never been anything but a diva....LOL!! Vanna

  2. He is so cute tho.
    HA- We have a SUPER SMART TECHY (collge graduated ) grandson who is a Nerd too..I wonder if he saw that movie.? Don't want to ask him tho.
    I bet you love your bro too.


  3. Your brother smiles with his entire being! I like that in a person!

  4. How fun! it's always a thrill to see celebrities
    even for us californians! So sweet you and your brother. Christie


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