Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Passion For Design... The House Of Babs

I had seen the new release at the Book Store, of Barbra Streisand's new book MY PASSION FOR DESIGN, but it was too pricy for my library budget.  So I was delighted when our local Library actually had a copy for me to check out, take Home and feast my eyes upon the House Of Babs.   Barbra Streisand is a classy Lady whose attention to detail is legendary, so I knew her Dream Home would be pretty spectacular... it is.  Most is not of my particular style of decor, but I can still appreciate a beautiful Home tastefully decorated in any style that suits the owner and invites you into their World, their inner Sanctuary... the Home.  And certainly there were some images that captivated me and were of my taste and style... so I'm sharing those that I wanted to preserve for personal inspiration.  I loved her Wardrobe, she looked stunning... the Wrap on the front cover... the soft Sweater and matching leggings... her closet full of Vintage Romantic style Dresses, Shoes and Hats.  I was rather impressed that everything she wore for each photo shoot matched whatever fabrics the room was decorated in. *smiles*  It was rather comforting to know that someone was more OCD about colors and details than me! *LOL*  The Koi in their Pond are even color coordinated!  The painted design on the Clawfoot Tub, just beautiful!   How charming is that Vintage Velvet framed photo of her and her Man! I fell in LOVE with the upholstery and pillows on the Sofa and the Persian Rug, even though the palette isn't one I've decorated with, it is exquisitely beautiful and I really liked it.  The natural beauty and views on the exterior of the property were to die for too... she really has made a surreal slice of Heaven On Earth for herself and her hunk of a Hubby and it was lovely to be invited in, through her book, to share their vision of a personal Valhalla... we thank you Barbra for the fantastic tour of your lovely Home... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All images are from the book by Barbra Streisand "My Passion For Design" and photographed as best I could with my cheap point and shoot camera... winks.*   


  1. Not her biggest fan. I feel like I can say that to you!
    I don't want to be anywhere near her if she opens her mouth for any other reason than to sing!

  2. ohh...the closet...gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love the outside of her home... such a fairytale come true!! What a dream to have a porch that rests upon a running river... sigh...
    Thanks for sharing this book with us. :)
    ~ Jo

  4. I would love to have a dressing up session with the beautiful clothes in her wardrobe!

  5. My goodness...those images are all so dreamy!! I love it! I might have to see if my library has one in stock to check out too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This book is very well done and beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  7. I want that bathtub! And the purple settee and a flower room of my own! This book is on my to buy list. I have a gift card to a book store that I was planning to use to help offset the cost. She has exquisite taste. Have a beautiful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

  8. Drooling over the dresses in her closet! I need a hankie please!
    And that tub..I would pay just to soak in hot water and bubble bath for an hour or two!
    Love the photo album cover and yes, her sofa is divine..
    some were choosen to be caregivers of the very best and the rest were choosen to dream!
    Thanks for sharing this..I enjoyed the peek!


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