Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Patiently Waiting

We've been patiently waiting... to see if The Man will be allowed to return Home from the Hospital today?  We had a false alarm yesterday since he had assumed they might release him early and it was a letdown for us all when it wasn't to be.  We've still got Valentine's Day suspended in time for when he returns.  And his Birthday is this Friday so we are Hopeful he won't have to spend it Hospitalized!!!!!??????  Princess T has been dressed in Party-Mode for days now, eager for Grandpa to return Home so she can throw him an awesome Coming-Home-Valentine's Day-Birthday Party combo!  She has the whole thing planned out... cake, ice-cream, fruit, balloons, dancing... well, she's been practicing her best Gypsy Dances for him, resplendant with self made headbands and swirling scarves, skirts and whatever else will flutter in the wind as she spins and twirls. *LOL*  I'd have to say this has been the most difficult for her, as when you're five, well, two weeks seems like an eternity and the concept of time is not quite grasped yet.  Grandpa is her "Honey" and there are just some things that are rituals between the two of them... and nobody else will do... it's just not the same when Gramma or her Uncle try to step in and do substitute coverage on Grandpa's behalf.  She knows he will have to go away again soon for Seasonal work you see, so time is precious and already short before he must leave yet again, if he's able... and so the waiting is not an easy thing... for any of us... and I find myself anxiously waiting for the phone to ring and trying to busy my mind with whatever will distract me in a pleasing, calming way, hence three Blog Posts in one day *winks*...  but we stand ready... for whenever it is 'time'... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Hi Dawn,
    I am praying that he can come home early too. I have to tell you that your little Princess T is an absolute doll. Can she get any cuter??? Hope you will be celebrating Valentines Day and a Birthday very soon:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Dawn hands clasped in prayer that your honey will come home tomorrow! It is hard when you're only 5. Not much easier when you add a zero to it either. I'm *WAVING HELLOOOOOO* to Princess T!! Can you see me?? I'm the blondie that looks like your grams *winks* I'm wishing you the most magical, special, Valentines Birthday party in the WORLD!! *smiles* Vanna


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