Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peacocks... Nature's Exhibitionists

When I think of Nature's biggest exhibitionists the Peacock instantly comes to mind... if there is a Bohemian of the animal kingdom, the Peacock would definitely be it!  You can't go around dressed up like that every day and not be flashy, exotic and stand out in a crowd!  Peacocks just seem to give off this amazing positive and confident vibe.  The colors and iridescence of their plumage is just magnificent, an Artist could only Hope to create anything more superb, though I must say the Artist that created the Peacock Art I've shared today did an amazing job, I'd buy a work of Art like this in a heartbeat and hang it proudly in any room of my Home.  I once saw a rare Albino Peacock... and even with the lack of normal pigmentation this creature was still magnificent... and he knew it... strutting around proud as... well... as a Peacock! *Smiles*  Many old Estates still have Peacocks roaming freely on the grounds even to this day... I always thought it would be wonderful to have some of those magnificent birds gracing our property, with their tail feathers cascading down like a Bridal veil behind them where ever they perched... can you imagine the photo ops my Friends!? Just look at the amazing Peacock inspired Art and Vintage International Tile work on the photo Mosaic that Photographers captured and shared on Flickr... in a word... WOW!!!  My favorite, Magnolia Pearl Backpack has a fabulous Vintage beaded Peacock on the front, I think of the workmanship and time that went into creating such a detailed beautiful beaded piece of Art.... and then again the workmanship and time that went into creating such a detailed re-purposed Treasure to showcase it once again!  Peacock feathers are a must-have in Bohemian decorating... tucked into an Urn or Vase they rival any floral display.  I have some Peacock Feather earrings from the 60's and in spite of how delicate and fragile they appear, they have stood the test of time and are still as vibrant and strong today as they were way back then!  Picture Dawn, the young Hippie, sporting these back in da day! *winks*  And it's not as if they've been pampered and protected ... so it just goes to show you that even that which is magnificently beautiful and appears not to possess strength... often does.  And how amazing is that, such a delicate looking creation somehow coupled with strength and endurance!?  It is a natural example that we should try to seek a similar balance of in our World...  beauty coupled with strength and endurance... because that's certainly the whole package... and the Peacock gives us an image and beautiful reminder of the fact that it can be done in style... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sources of Mosaic Photos from Flickr:


  1. Yes -- vivid plumage and lots of strutting around. . . the guys, at least. Reminds me of someone (oh yes, my ex).

  2. I wish mine was my ex! He'd be stuffed and looking good and being quiet *winks* Something he was never quite able to achieve heh heh! Sorry bout the neg vibe there for a moment Dawn. I just got a funny visual!
    You know how much I LOVE peacocks! That art is absolutely gorgeous! And those earrings!....I love them too!! Those are cool! And that they've held up so well all these years bodes well for my stuffed and stuffy Narci! *winks* Vanna


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