Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pearls... Lace... Turkish Coffee

This is a peculiar tale, not surprising when you begin to delve into the Labyrinth of thoughts inside my head that start to take shape in my Life in the peculiar way that they so often do.  It began late yesterday as I was on a Mission to locate the elusive Tulsi Tea that is purported to help as a natural sinus remedy.  My Brother is visiting from Cali and after his Birthday luncheon he agreed to take Mom and I to our favorite International Grocery Stores so she could stock up on all her Brit delicacies and I could attempt to procure my Tulsi Tea.  What is so peculiar about that you might ask?  Well, the Tea was nowhere to be found that day... but I suddenly had a strange strong urge to gravitate to the Arabian Isle and shell out nine bucks for a canister of Turkish Coffee!!!!!!?????  That is all I bought... Turkish Coffee... why are you getting that my Bro asks... you see, I've never had Turkish Coffee... I don't even know how to brew Turkish Coffee... or if I would even LIKE Turkish Coffee!!!???! *Smiles*  Trying to explain this mystery probably had him thinking big Sis has perhaps lost it and he should tell The Man and the kids to maybe start looking into a nice 'rest-home' and see if they can't get a group discount for Nanna and I... because by now Nanna is swearing that the Vietnamese Muzak playing in the Store sounds like the Welsh National Anthem!?!!! *winks, hey she's almost 80 and too proud to wear a hearing aide*  So, Home I go with my expensive canister of Turkish Coffee, still wondering, what the... ??????  Fast forward to this Morning as I peruse my recent Blog Comments from visitors and supporters... and what do I find my Friends on yesterday's "A Taste Of The Exotic" Post... left on the exact evening I was grocery shopping and feeling that weird urge to purchase something I have NEVER purchased before...

Yes yes and YES!! I'll take a turkish coffee please! And enjoy the smell of delicious incense wafting in thru the air *sighs* vanna    *Quote*

I kid you not, go look for yourselves!!!  Kismet you might ask?!  Perhaps... I dunno, but it sure was a strange coincidence, that's for sure!  So, as I prepared to photograph my Pearls and Lace for my link with Doni's Pearls And Lace Thursday over at FAITH, GRACE AND CRAFTS I decide to brew my first cup of Turkish Coffee, quite certain it was going to be a treat.  A fierce, fierce, cold front has blown in today and for the Arizona Desert it's been unseasonably FRIGID COLD (40's, which for us Desert Dwellers is about as close to Winter as we ever want to experience, Smiles) and blowing gale force winds, which is giving me Wizard Of Oz flashbacks... so to warm the chill from my bones... a hot, aromatic robust coffee seemed just the perfect tonic!  Well, perhaps it was good that dear Vanna is too far away to roll on over and have that requested cup of brew... because the instructions said there should be froth... mine had no froth... nor did I possess a traditional Cezve to slowly simmer it on the stovetop with... it was also supposed to 'rise' twice... I'm not sure mine even rose once?!? *confused look*  This was going to be more complicated than I thought it seems...  so... after waiting for the nonexistent froth to appear... and the nonexistent 'rising' before it comes to the boil... I decide I'll just wing it 'As Is".  The instructions warned me not to stir after serving or you will disturb the sediment and the coffee will taste gritty... SEDIMENT???!!!!!!  This is starting to sound more and more like a Jaques Cousteau ocean floor expedition now, what have I gotten myself into?! *LOL*...  The canister promises that each cup should be frothy and deliciously aromatic.  Well, we've already ruled out the frothy part on my 1st attempt at becoming a Turkish Coffee Meister ... but deliciously aromatic sounds good, right?!?   Wrong... okay, the aromatic part was accurate... the delicious part... not so much.  The instructions said to dissolve sugar in it stovetop as it brews... check... but there was no sweetening this brew, is it supposed to taste so bitter?! *yack*... and it said nothing about creamer or milk so I didn't add any *double yack*... and though it wasn't vile or dreadful... well, until you get to that sediment part they were talking about that is, which somewhat resembled mud dredged from the mighty Mississippi, I'm not sure we'll be doing this again?!!!  And the sediment... which I wasn't prepared to have enter my mouth so close to 3/4 of a way through the cup... and I'm absolutely certain you're not supposed to consume... *yack, hack, Holy Mother Of God, I STILL can't get the taste out of my mouth!!!*  Now... I'm sure I got it ALL WRONG... and my apologies to the Turkish People, Turkish Coffee Lovers and Baristas alike... because I'm sure it is supposed to be absolutely wonderful if done properly, Vanna assured me it is, I believe her... and one day I shall have to buy a cup expertly prepared... so my disclaimer is: *wink* MY comedy of errors is not intended to portray how a properly brewed cup of good Turkish Coffee oughtta taste, be presented and savored... at least I HOPE NOT?!? *Smiles*  Vanna, just be glad GF that you weren't here for this massacre of the Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Brew *wink* and the next time you transmit a psychic request, PLEASE let it be something I am capable of doing *bwahaha*  ... Well... at least it looked inviting and photographed well dontcha think?... *LOL*... Dawn... The Bohemian

Footnote: Elusive Tulsi Tea was eventually found today... I knew how to brew that and it tasted wonderful and helped remedy the dreadful sinus condition I've been battling with this windy, cold front moving in!   So... the story has a happy ending... hey, they ALL do... at least in my World... because positive energy is so intoxicating!!!  Hey Vanna... would you like a gently used canister of Turkish Coffee??????? *wink*

*cribbed Bing Image of how a lovely cup of Turkish Coffee SHOULD be made and look... and probably taste!*


  1. Oh nooooooo!! But girlfriend I'm LMAO!!! That's sooo bad but so funny!! Ahem I should also add that I DON'T make turkish coffee myself! I BUY it and it comes to me in a lovely small cup that my friend the coffee maker Omer lovingly (Well I like to think so anyway*winks) brings to me whilst I'm in my car. Perhaps I should ask him for some tips for you? hehe! Turkish coffee IS strong! Definitely an acquired taste. You need to like coffee black and sweet. I've got coffee (or Kaffe in my case) in my DNA. I'm so sorry my friend! *giggle hiccup* Vanna

  2. Vanna...I only wish I hadn't lost touch with my childhood Turkish Friends so that I could get properly trained in the Art of Turkish coffee making! Usually I'm not a quitter... but I do believe I'll leave it up to the Pro Baristas to make my next cup... *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I've never had Turkish coffee before, but as I sip my morning cup, I'm enjoying your blog!!!
    Thanks for joining me for Pearls and Lace! Hope you're warm where you are!!!
    Blessings, Doni

  4. Love this blog!! Congratulations on a wonderfully inspirational trip for anyone who comes here...

    Helen Woodward


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