Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Saturday... Random Pinkness!

One of the many things that I absolutely love about the Land Of Blog is that often it challenges and forces me to be creative and look more closely at the World around me and how I've chosen to live it... being more aware and heightening my senses.   This is after all a slice of my World and sharing pieces of what stirs my Soul and I'm passionate about in my life... but when you're around it every day you often fail to really SEE it most of the time.  You know how it is when something is new... a relationship, a Home, a recent score, a new favorite Shop or restaurant, a piece you've created or are in the process of working on... you revel in it... and then, after you've become accustomed to it and it becomes a regular part of your World, you really don't notice it as much as you did in the beginning.  Blogging has taken me back to revisit many beginnings, and to appreciate what I have... really appreciate it... my Family, my Friends, my Home, my Treasures, my Art, my Community, what I get to do each day, who I am at my core. 

As I come to visit the Land Of Blog I'm invited to participate... and often it's quite spontaneous... like just remembering it's going to be PINK SATURDAY hosted by Beverly at HOW SWEET THE SOUND and rushing around my Home with my camera looking for random Pinkness to share! *winks*  Setting up vignettes in Pink or just noticing what IS Pink that surrounds me each day!  Looking at those pieces again as if for the first time and remembering the stories or History behind them.  Having The Man finally help me turn the Date feature off my camera to get rid of that pesky date that didn't bother me before Blogging, it was helpful in fact to remind me when I took a shot... but now, when I'm editing and trying to make prettier pictures to share, it became a nuisance! *LOL* Today I JUST learned how to use PICNIK to jazz up my photographs, whaddya think of my 1st Picnik altered photo?!  I had so much fun that I'm pretty certain this is going to be addictive... though saving it 100% is a challenge I haven't quite figured out and the rounded "transparent" corners... that didn't work out so well against my Blog background so I'm experimenting with that more perfect match... which is akin to picking out matching paint chips at a Store for the actual match of a preferred color you already have at Home!?! *le sigh and much restraint used not to want to throw computer across room! LOL* I finally had to e-mail it to myself and then save it from there because it didn't seem to want to download properly to my Computer and only a portion of the image showed up? *HELP! Picnik experts, help a Sista out!!!*  It's an ongoing education as I learn to navigate and utilize all this new technology and creative software to profile an Artful Junquer's Life unfolding.  Because after all, now I'm preserving what I see through the eye of the lens in a different way, in a sequence of time that Journals bits and pieces of Life as it unfolds...  this virtual space where I create my own little World... blogging for sheer bliss... and that my Friends is absolutely priceless... Dawn... The Bohemian  

Be sure to join us for Pink Saturday, click on Beverly's Pink hi-lited link above and it will take you right there!


  1. Picnik is SO fun, isn't it? I started playing with it a while back and it really is addictive. I like your beautiful pinks. BTW, don't you think my lace cuffs and your bags would be divine together???? :-)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Very pretty post and I'm sure you have a warm, cozy home.

  3. My country girl, gypsy sould loves your look, especially the hankies I remember so well buying for my gramma most of my life. Also I totally agree with your words on "seeing with new eyes when we start blogging". I feel the same. Just today I spent a few hours, 75 shot (thank goodness for digital!) to capture a vision I had for a future post. I am now trying to capture more of my essence of simplicity/country/gypsy but in a romantic way that is also part of me. Love your blog.

  4. Me again, I just went back and now am your lastest follower.

  5. Love that first picture! Those scrunchy velvety flowers are so pretty!! Good for you working with Picnik- I use that program all the time. I am not sure what the deal is with you saving the photos though as I haven't had that problem before.

    Love your pinks!

  6. Agreed bloging demands us to look around the world and see things we normally would overlook. Enjoyed reading your post this week. Happy Pink Saturday.
    Joyce M

  7. ok.. we are through!
    Hand over gypsy love song...
    And..the pink rolling pin!!!
    great post!
    Love ya!

  8. Such pretty pinks! Love the rolling pin!

  9. You are so right...blogging makes us *look* for the beauty...and that pink measuring tape made me smile:)


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