Sunday, February 13, 2011

Romany Soup... Divine Art & Style

Source: ROMANY SOUP Flickr Images

Source: ROMANY SOUP Blog

Source: ROMANY SOUP Blog

Source: Amazing Art of ROMANY SOUP

Source: Home of Virginia Bates shared by ROMANY SOUP Blog

Source: ROMANY SOUP Blog

Its a small World... and I firmly believe in the Laws of Attraction... often certain people and things just happen to show up in the most amazing and unexpected ways.  Imagine my delight today when I check my comments and lo and behold there is one there from an Artist whose Art, Decorating Style and Photography I have adored on Flickr for quite some time... ROMANY SOUP aka: Blessed Wild Apple Girl!!! *squeals of delight*  I feel as though I've saved a virtual Library full of her photos and Artistic creations to my Flickr Favorites in the past year so that I can enjoy them often and receive inspiration from the visuals she has shared through that site... of her beautiful World!  And through the connection to the Land Of Blog... in the huge vastness of cyberspace, she somehow located my humble Blog and responded... so that now I could discover her wonderful Blog!!! *Happy Dance*  What a Divinely happy coincidence!  I had wondered if she had a Blog... and I knew if she did I would become an immediate Supporter of this super talented Artist's Blog because her Style and Work are truly amazing and what she will have to share will truly delight other Kindred Spirits as they have delighted me for so long now.  So head on over there... to ROMANY SOUP  and introduce yourselves... and immerse yourself in her beautiful World and point of view, you'll definitely want to stay a while and savor the experience of being invited into the life of this beautiful Lady... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn I DID notice that flower basket right off! Kind of reminded me of how mine might look "grown up" Lol! And Romany Soup is delicious! I stopped by for a drool.....ahem...visit *winks* Vanna

  2. oh what a beautiful pictures, just the right ambiance I love!

    Regards Janny

  3. jus blogged about this site. I absolutly adore these pix


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