Saturday, February 5, 2011

Silverware Patterns... Lavender... Old Architecture... Mosaic Madness

Any time an Artist is exposed to a new medium to create with they can go wheels off berserk with it... or maybe that's just me?! *wink*  The creative juices start flowing like a raging river and a flood of ideas starts tumbling out, almost consuming me... I can't wait to create!  I have always loved beautiful photographs and photography, but until the invention of modern technologies, an amateur like me could only Hope to accidentally capture the occassional good shot that you really liked.  Now with digital cameras you don't waste film and can instantly see your results and retake photos to your Heart's content... then photoshop them to get the very best results you can create... and it's WONDERFUL!   I've recently contracted Mosaic Madness... of which I'm quite certain there is no cure *winks* and I believe to be highly contagious in fact!?  Oh, the possibilities of Artistic expression when horizons enlarge and your only limits are your imagination!  So much fun it isn't at all like work... even if you spend hours at it... now I understand why my Brother, the Professional Photographer, was always so happy in his chosen career and virtually lived and breathed photography!  It can be fairly addictive, especially when results are satisfactory.  Even moreso with the expansive sharing of photos through the medium of cyberspace!   With the click of a button I can view images of any subject matter  from all over the World, beautifully taken by hosts of talented, Artistic Souls who have given us glimpses of their World and adventures through the eyes of their lens. 

Today I wanted to share my fascination with Silverware patterns... old rural European Architecture... and Lavender.  I've never wanted an entire 'set' of matching Silverware, no matter how beautiful it's pattern... but for many years I have collected orphaned pieces and seek out those pieces whose patterns I particularly like or find interesting... the more ornate the better... some still bearing the engraved initials of their former owners...

And I don't know why it is... but fancy Silverware just makes me think of Europe... and idyllic scenes of beautiful, quaint, rural Towns filled with historic old architecture made of Stone and plaster aged to perfection, with painted shutters, preferably French Blue, rising up on each side of Cobblestone streets and alleyways... and on the outskirts of Town, the rolling fields of Lavender... as far as the eye can see... with the occassional Chateau, Vineyard or Farmhouse tucked into the landscape... and maybe a Castle or Ruin here or there... see how it all ties in???  Well, at least in my imaginings it does. *Smiles*   And while I photographed and share a bit of my Silverware collection designs and a tiny sprig of dried Lavender... I'm able to complete the image that lies on the canvas of my imagination. Melding it with the images from around the World that match my vision... and bring it to life via the wonder of the internet and the fabulous photography of others who have shared their Journeys and the beauty of the destinations that I haven't been to yet to photograph for myself as an adult... but have dreamed about often... and vaguely remember from childhood years spent abroad in those idyllic settings and cultures... and capture them in a Mosaic.  One that I Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed creating it... and perhaps visit the sites of the amazing photographers listed in the photo credits to see the whole picture album of their adventures and fabulous destinations... and allow them to transport us there and stay a while... Dawn... The Bohemian

Flickr Photo Credits:

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  1. Love all the wonderful old silverware patterns Dawn. That collage reminded me of a peacock! Just me... a little wacky *winks* But something about it......Vanna

  2. Your silverware patterns are great. I collect different ones too. Makes setting of the table all that more interesting. I love the blue on the buildings. We will be going to Europe this year and can not wait to photograph places like that:) Hope your weekend is going great:)
    Who is that cutie in your header?????
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Love your silver.. the lavender made a great combo, besides being two things I love:-)
    Have a great weekend,

  4. How magaical...adore your silver...I have starting collecting pieces as well.

    Happy weekend my friend. xoxo


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